Yūji Norita
Kanji 法田 勇治
Romaji Norita Yuji
Character Information
Gender Male Male
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Occupation Food Blog Reviewer
Status Alive
Manga Chapter 66
Anime Episode 20
Japanese Voice Ayumu Murase
English Voice Aaron Dismuke

Yuji Norita is a spoiled rich boy who is primarily featured in episodes Episode 20 and later in Season 2 during episode 10. Although he is initially lazy and rides on his father's coattails, with encouragement from Nagisa he decides to change himself for the better.


He is a young teenager with brown hair and slit eyes that look sleazy but warm by his last appearance.


Initially a spoiled lazy child, he was not easily amused and tried his best to look cool by doing foolish things such as dancing (Rather poorly but it still hooked girls mostly because he was rich) and smoking and drinking. It is implied he isn't on good terms with his father despite using his reputation to pick up girls and get fake friends. In fact he hopes to someday step out of his father's footsteps but feels he can't. However, through Nagisa he learns to be a better person and that he doesn't need to do drugs to look cool. He further matures upon finding out Nagisa is a boy and, despite being broken hearted, considers him his friend and even writes a good review about his class's restaurant, while promising to stop being a spoiled kid and to use the power he has to help others.

It is revealed in his second and final appearance he is also a big foody and writes reviews about the food he eats, his blogs being highly reliable since he grew up rich and with a lot of good food around him.


His father is an unknown television announcer that Yuji says everyone knows. Because Yuji was surrouded by fake people who would put on faces to get cozy with him and his father, he can easily tell if a person is lying or not. His disgust of his father and the wealth and luxury he lived in caused him to be a lazy unmotivated person. He tried to look cool and began taking drugs but couldn't escape his father's shadow.


Assassination Island Arc

Nagisa cross-dressed as a woman to try and protect the other female members of his class while not looking suspicious as they infiltrated the bar floor of the hotel. Yuji is at the lounge alone and noticed the girls and Nagisa enter, falling in love with Nagisa's awkward nature. He requested Nagisa and him have a drink, thinking Nagisa to be a girl. They began striking conversation, Yuji explained that his parents were never around although his father was a big TV personality, Yuji tried to impress Nagisa by being cool but was unable to entice him. When Nagisa was prompted to leave by Kaede Kayano, Yuji followed in pursuit to try and impress Nagisa once more. Nagisa is reunited with the girls but they are unamused and annoyed when Yuji dances as his last resort. In the process however he knocks a guest's drink onto his jacket. The guest gets aggressive with Yuji and demands compensation and Yuji becomes flustered with the confrontation. Hinata Okano knocks the guest out cold with a swift gymnast kick to the face. Yuji watched on in shock as Rinka Hayami and Megu Kataoka dragged the man's body away from him and Tōka Yada called the guard over to take the man away. While the girls head on, Nagisa approached Yuji and agreed that it is indeed hard for guys to act cool, especially if girls already have the abilities to be cool to begin with, Yuji is mesmerized and blushes. He advises Yuji to continue trying but not resort to drugs, dancing and alcohol before catching up with the girls. Reunited with the rest of the boys. Nagisa believes the whole point in him cross-dressing was a waste of time though Kayano muses that it may have helped someone out. Indeed Yuji exits the bar area and drops the marijuana cigarettes over to a passing waiter.

School Festival Time (episode)

Yuji discovered Nagisa and his class had created a café for the school festival and immediately came to look for him. Rio Nakamura swapped Nagisa's pants for her skirt to convince Yuji that he is indeed a girl. Nagisa took Yuji into a secluded area near the Class 3-E building and got him to buy many different items off their menu, Nagisa was told what to say per Rio's cue cards. Two different assassins, Lovro and Red Eye come to greet Tadaomi Karasuma and Yuji becomes suspicious when Nagisa tried to pretend that they are simply comedians. Nagisa admitted the full truth and tells Yuji that he is in fact a guy, Yuji promptly leaves dumbfounded but refuses to be refunded by Nagisa for tricking him into buying their food. He is later shown to have made a blog post giving a stellar review about Class 3-Es café with prompted many more sales.


Perception: Yuji is able to read a persons facial expressions and emotions to easily tell if they are lying, Nagisa stating that he has a 'good eye'. Yuji however doesn't see this as much of a talent since it came from his undesirable past, nonetheless his perceptive skills were useful in noticing that Nagisa was lying about Lovro's and Red Eye's professions.

Dancing: Yuji tried to entice Nagisa by dancing in front of him and the rest of the girls from his class in order to act cool. Yuji stated that he had been doing it since he was little and it had always been a successful technique for attracting girls. Contradictory to Yuji's belief of having this talent, Nagisa and the girls did not find it appealing.


Nagisa Shiota

Main article: Nagisa Shiota

At the Fukuma Denjo Hotel lounge, Yuji falls in love with Nagisa from afar when he infiltrates the bar with a number of girls from his class. Dressed as a woman so he doesn't look suspicious, Yuji finds Nagisa's awkwardness a desirable trait and asks him for a drink, believing him to be a love interest. He promptly introduces himself and tries to get to know Nagisa who while reluctant, does make conversation. Yuji tries to act his coolest but becomes angry when he uses his dad as a way to make conversation, Nagisa has to leave and Yuji believing he needs to act his coolest follows in pursuit. He performs a dance to try and entice Nagisa but only embarrasses himself, Nagisa is forced to leave but tells him to keep acting cool and to stop smoking and dancing. Yuji is mesmerized and blushes in response, later leaving his cigarettes with the waiter showing Nagisa has had a large influence on him.

Yuji later returns to try Nagisa's café for the school festival, while the students try and get Nagisa to use Yuji so they can earn more money, Nagisa reveals that he is actually a guy. Yuji is very surprised and walks away dumbfounded and possible brokenhearted as he was in love with Nagisa of which Nagisa did not return the same feelings. However, Yuji writes about the amazing meals he had from Class 3-E showing that despite discovering the truth about Nagisa, he may still see him as a friend.


  • (About Nagisa Shiota) "There's a nice one. I totally dig her awkwardness."
  • (To Nagisa Shiota) "Life's already hard for us men! We gotta force ourselves to try to look cool!"
  • (To Nagisa Shiota) "Nagisa! I came to hang out!"
  • (To Nagisa Shiota) "Sure, sure! Say the word and I'll get the whole menu!"
  • (To Nagisa Shiota) "Nagisa... be honest; what do you think of me--"
  • (To Nagisa Shiota) "I can tell when people put up a front, wear a fake smile"
  • (To Nagisa Shiota) "Just an unwanted talent I got from my skeevy environment."


  • The name "Yuji" means "courageous second son"
  • The name Yuji is often given to a child full of grace and brilliance who is described as a pathfinder, this could possibly link to Yuji being a prodigy in his father's shadow.
  • Yuji's father's face is never shown despite being a popular television sensation.
  • Two people mention that Yuji's father, the CEO, is responsible for the bar floor party.
  • Yuji doesn't fit in with the crowd but his rich family connections allows him access to parties that he would otherwise normally never be able to access.
  • Yuji does not live in Okinawa and is only there for summer vacation.
  • Yuji is unable to handle confrontation and his whole ideology of being cool hides his real character.
  • Yuji has been dancing since he was a kid, despite not being able to dance very well.
  • Yuji has a specific talent of his own of which none of Class 3-E possess, he is able to read a persons face to know if they are lying.
  • Yuji is the first and only character to introduce drugs into the anime, this prompted Nagisa to reveal a hidden lesson from Korosensei that was made offscreen stating that drugs are bad.
  • Yuji was discovered to be a famous food critic with his own popular blog despite living life in his father's shadow seemingly as a delinquent.
  • Yuji has a large appetite according to Rio Nakamura.
  • Yuji appeared along with many other minor characters at Class 3-E's cafe for the school festival such as Lovro, Red Eye, Smog, Gastro and Grip, for all of them this was their final appearance.