I knew this was going to happen. I knew that people were gonna get confused with the whole "Kayano being pregnant" thing. I was confused at first but I got a friend to clarify the true meaning of what Kayano meant and if she's with Nagisa or not. Now then, do I believe Kayano is pregnant? No. Do I believe she got together with Nagisa? No. Kayano said so herself: Nagisa isn't thinking of her and is focusing on his career just as Kayano is focusing on hers. They have no time for a relationship, let alone time to f*** and have a kid. To add onto this, the two of them are thriving in their careers. Do you think Kayano would get pregnant NOW? Also, if they got together, imagine all of the rumors that would be spread about the two of them, and it would ruin Kayano's reputation towards the public. It would also look bad for Nagisa's credentials especially if he doesn't have his teaching license yet. If someone responds with the whole "She was holding her stomach so that implied something" crap, it was meant to be taken figuratively and not literally for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

Also I DARE someone to mention the kiss scene. I dare someone to say that's leaning towards them getting together because it's not true. The only reason why Nagisa kissed her was so he could distract her. Hell he says this himself, but people still assume "Oh he's in love with her. They're practically canon at this point" And plus, Nagisa isn't romantically interested in anyone since he has little to no confidence in his masculinity. Like seriously people; this is like the KarmaxOkuda situation where people think that's canon when Karma has no romantic interest in Okuda.

This is the main problem with fandoms: There's always that one scene involving someone's ship that may hint to something and that person automatically assumes "Oh they're canon now" but when you read between the lines, you find out that that's not the case.

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