Twenty-First Period: Trust Time
Episode 43
Episode Information
Kanji 信頼の時間
Romaji Shinrai no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 162
Chapter 163
Chapter 164
Chapter 165
Chapter 166
Chapter 167
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Valentine's Day Time
Next Episode Happy Birthday Time
Air Date
Japanese June 3, 2016
Theme Music
Opening Bye Bye YESTERDAY

Trust Time is the forty-third episode of the Assassination Classroom anime and the twenty-first episode of Season 2. It aired in Japan on June 3, 2016.


With eight days until Korosensei's deadline, the class have successfully gained places in their respective high schools and Korosensei wants to put together an unconventional yearbook of photos. Meanwhile the government enacts their plan of last resort to finally assassinate the former God of Death.


Eight days before Korosensei’s deadline, Nagisa and his classmates have been accepted entry into their respective high schools. Korosensei decides to postpone the final careers consultation and celebrate the occasion by compiling an unconventional yearbook for them. He reveals to have taken thousands of photos of the students throughout the year, though they are horrified that their teacher snapped some of their most private or embarrassing moments. After they tore up those shots they did assemble the fun moments spent throughout the school year. Karasuma states that Korosensei only wishes to spoil the class given everything that has happened in January. He affirms to Nagisa’s question that he knew the students would turn out the way they are now and iterates that should Karasuma ever find himself in a difficult position, he can trust the students to do what they think is right. Korosensei then snaps up a photo of Karasuma and a lovestruck Irina together, before packing the students in a big bag to snap more photos for a round-the-world trip.

Later at the nursery, Nagisa gives Sakura a test to show that she is capable of going back to school. Sakura becomes anxious as memories of the bullying begin to resurface. Sensing her uneven wavelength of consciousness, Nagisa gently puts her at ease. He then decides that becoming a teacher will be his second blade and affirms this with Korosensei at the end of careers consultation. Korosensei approves of his choice and reminds the boy to not forget about his youth while he still has it. At the end of the day, Karasuma leaves Korosensei while the latter compiles his year-book, the former only stating to make it an educational one. At the edge of the campus, Karasuma informs his superiors that Korosensei is alone in the classroom. The higher-ups then command for the satellite weapon to fire. The laser beam then shoots down on Korosensei.

In the aftermath, no visible signs of damage to the classroom are found but neither is the target. The laser beam, dubbed the Spear of Heaven, is designed to pass through any obstacle without damage and will only liquefy tentacle creatures. However they soon find Korosensei outside, having narrowly dodged the beam. The government immediately enacts Plan B, where anti-tentacled barrier named Earth Shield, is activated that covers the entire mountain. Korosensei is unable to pass through the barrier without harming himself. The shield is designed to prevent Korosensei from escaping so that the next time the Spear of Heaven fires it will not miss their target. In the meantime, the military begin creating a perimeter around the barrier. As the class and the town of Kunugigaoka witness these events unfold in front of them, the government holds a press conference stating they have tracked the “monster” responsible for the destruction of the moon one year ago and has been terrorizing a class of junior-high students as a teacher. The entire Class 3-E assemble at one of the perimeter points guarded by the military but become harassed by the encroaching media reporters. Toka Yada and Hinano Kurahashi try to convince them that Korosensei is not the monster the government is portraying him as but to no avail. Karasuma then arrives to rescue the students and take them away into protective custody.

At the makeshift military camp, Karasuma tells the class that the time was up and the government enacted this plan as a last resort. Only the military was guarding the barrier and the satellite weapon will fire in five days time (March 13). The students were understandably upset that Korosensei would be assassinated this way instead of them doing the task. Nagisa pleads with Karasuma to let them through the barrier but instead, he pins him down. Karasuma tells Nagisa to not make this any more difficult for him. He then leaves, stating that even he personally feels that Korosensei should be killed, and has the guards bring the kids to escort them home. As Terasaka bad-mouths Karasuma, Nagisa told the class of Karasuma’s true meaning behind his words, remembering the conversation he had with him about trust just a few days ago.

Using the time they have left, the students wish to see their teacher once more and begin to recon the perimeter and plan their infiltration inside the barrier whilst fooling their minders. Meanwhile Korosensei uses the time he has left to finish compiling his yearbook but also wishes to see his class one last time. On the final night, Nagisa and the class head out to the mountain. The deadline to assassinate Korosensei is only three hours away.

Anime and Manga differences

  • The manga introduces Craig Houjou and his mercenary group the Wolfpack, both not making appearances in the anime. Consequently the class is not captured by them and not held against their will in a detention centre. Instead Karasuma rescues them from the prying media and takes them to a makeshift camp.
  • Due to not being detained, Class E are able to split their squads as much as they like to do recon despite being kept monitored by a Ministry of Defense agent while they are also assembling a plan through a phone chat group instead of meeting together.
  • The anime omits the scene in the manga where Nagisa's mother catches him preparing to infiltrate the mountain.
  • Karma requests to Isogai that he will lead the mountain assault through the 3-E group phone group chat. In the manga the request was made while inside the detention center.
  • Some pictures are different compared to the anime itself. Okuda, Kanzaki and Fuwa are wearing summer school uniform while in the manga they are all wearing winter school uniform.
  • When Korosensei takes picture of Yada and Kimura, the manga dressed them as dentists. The anime dresses them as cowboys. It also goes to Nagisa and Kayano where both of them are wearing dentists themed costumes while in the anime they haven't changed their uniforms yet.
  • Government arsenal for Anti-sensei barrier in the anime has been placed on various places such as electric poles, apartments and the size of the arsenal itself was around 30% from what it should be in the manga while in the manga itself all of the arsenals are installed on the structures that was disguised as an apartment.
  • Korosensei places the entire students based on gender on each bag in the manga while in the anime Korosensei placed them in one bag as the bag model was a giant version of Kunugigaoka's school bag.
  • When Korosensei launches himself to the air in the manga, he uses himself as a recoil while in the anime he uses a pole as a launcher and he uses Monkey D. Luffy's technique (Gum Gum Slingshot) to launch him along with the giant bag to the air.
  • Chairman Asano did not appear in this anime episode as he was giving the opinion regarding to Korosensei which ended up in brainwashing some of the reporters in the manga.
  • When Chiba mentions about pictures that were taken and Korosensei was popped in mach speed under a radar, the manga shows when the students are having a picnic and Korosensei's sight looks like a ghost while in the Anime the picture taken was of Sumire, Yada and Nakamura, but Korosensei's visual is more clearer.
  • When Korosensei shows several photos, Mimura and Rinka are supposed to receive it personally in the manga but they didn't receive it in the anime. Instead, Korosensei shows it to the class. Some notable changes on photos are:
    • Fuwa also trying to cosplay Luffy by really making a look-alike of him performing Gear 2 such as using multiple mosquito smokes and wearing a straw hat in the anime while in the manga she uses only one smoke.
    • On the maid cafe photos, there are no maids welcoming them outside the cafe in the manga while in the anime there are two maids and Takebayashi is between them.
  • Irina's love effect and mumbling happens when they are at the classroom and the students want Irina to stop Korosensei showing more embarrassing photos to the class in the manga while in the anime it happens after Karasuma said he will trust his classroom.

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