The Time Has Come
Chapter 176
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The Time Has Come is the title of Chapter 176 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Kaede Kayano recovers from her makeshift operation, although upset to see that her clothes had been ripped that exposes her chest. Korosensei then collapses due to exhaustion and injuries. With less than half an hour away until Lance of the Heavens (the military space satellite specially constructed to kill Korosensei) fires its antimatter beam, Korosensei addresses Class 3-E that the assassins should not miss their dying target and that the inevitable moment has come. He further states that all good times must come to an end, hence the classroom. Isogai asks the Class 3-E whether they should assassinate Korosensei by themselves, or to leave him to his fate at the barrel of a satellite battery. All in class 3-E, including himself, have chosen to assassinate their teacher in his favor so they can maintain their bonds forged with their beloved Korosensei as assassins and a target. With everyone holding tentacles, Nagisa volunteers to perform and no one in Class E complains about it.

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