The Seductive Witch
Episode 3
The seductive witch
Episode Information
Kanji 誘惑の魔女
Romaji Yūwaku no majo
Manga Chapters Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Episode Guide
Previous Episode The Red Devil
Next Episode The Ruins of Tribulation
Air Date
Japanese January 5, 2017
English January 25, 2017
Theme Music
Opening RE:QUEST!
Ending Seishun Satsubatsuron Remix

The Seductive Witch is the third episode of Koro-Sensei Quest! anime. It aired in January 5, 2017.


A new witch has arrived to the town causing trouble to a lot of villagers, but the spell she casts is very hard to resist, th Class E must defeat the witch before it's to late.


The episode starts similar to Episode 3 from the original episode, where Karasuma is training the E Class. Korosensei concerns about Karasuma stealing his popularity from the Students. When the Students and Korosensei go to town, they hear rumors of a Witch that is brainwashing the villagers from town into love taking control from them, the E Class and Korosensei began a new quest in finding the Witch' hideout. Later they arrive in a mysterious cave where they se a "Old women" asking for water, Hiroto and Taiga go to give her some water, but it was a trap by the witch and brainwashed Hiroto, then the witch captured the girls as capatives for Class E. The boys of the E class attempt to stop her, but a majority are brainwashed easily by the witch, except Karma, Nagisa and Karasuma and the witch ran away to the top floor trapping the girls in a cage. Later Karma and Nagisa arrive to the top floor confronting the witch, the witch suddenly summons the boys that are brainwashed throwing Nagisa and Karma to teh window; but suddenly Korosensei appears, flying at his top speed rescuing them, and arrive to the top floor where the witch was questioning why wasn't he brainwashed,; he answered that he was just pretending to be brainwashed just to distract her, when Karasuma and Korosensei gives the witch a lesson, beating her up. Later the witch surrendered saying that she would do anything. Karasuma and Korosensei decided that she would become a teacher at E Class and she would be forgiven.


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