The Ruins of Tribulation
Episode 4
The Ruins of Tribulation
Episode Information
Kanji 試練の遺跡
Romaji Shiren no Iseki
Episode Guide
Previous Episode The Seductive Witch
Air Date
Japanese January 13, 2017
Theme Music
Opening Re:QUEST!

Teh Ruins of Tribulation is the fourth episode of Koro-Sensei Quest!


Can the Demon King be accepted as a teacher at Kunugigaoka Magic Academy for the Class E? Korosensei is put to the test by national hero Pope Gakuho Asano himself.


The Class E and Korosensei are summoned by Gakuho Asano to a myterious dungeon, were they meat a Kunudon who makes Korosensei and Class E various obstacles and at the end the final obstacles which is to either sacrafice himself for teh students or press a button and save himself by being crushed, Korosensei pressed the botton and saved both himself and the students.

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