The Ruins of Tribulation
Episode 4
The Ruins of Tribulation
Episode Information
Kanji 試練の遺跡
Romaji Shiren no Iseki
Episode Guide
Previous Episode The Seductive Witch
Next Episode The Evolved Mage
Air Date
Japanese January 13, 2017
English January 20, 2017
Theme Music
Opening Re:QUEST!

The Ruins of Tribulation is the fourth episode of Koro-Sensei Quest!


Can the Demon King be accepted as a teacher at Kunugigaoka Magic Academy for the Class E? Korosensei is put to the test by national hero Pope Gakuho Asano himself.


The Class E and Korosensei are summoned by Gakuho Asano to a myterious dungeon, were they meat a Kunudon who makes Korosensei and Class E various obstacles and at the end the final obstacles which is to either sacrafice himself for teh students or press a button and save himself by being crushed, Korosensei pressed the botton and saved both himself and the students.

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