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Tadaomi Karasuma
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Kanji 烏間 惟臣
Romaji Karasuma Tadaomi
Character Information
Birthday August 15 (Age: 28)
Gender Male Male
Height 180 cm (5'11")
Weight 85 kg (187 lbs)
Affiliation Kunugigaoka Junior High School
Ministry of Defense
Occupation Physical Education Teacher, Class 3-E
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Tomokazu Sugita (Anime)
Junichi Suwabe (OVA)
Kōsuke Toriumi (VOMIC)
English Voice Chris Ryan (Funimation Broadcast Dub)

Tadaomi Karasuma is an agent sent from Japan's Ministry of Defense to supervise Korosensei. In Kunugigaoka Junior High School, he was admitted as an assistant teacher for Phys. Ed. in Class 3-E.


A dashing young man with silky black hair and piercing eyes.


He is a strict but kind man, though he keeps a distance between himself and the students due to his status as an agent and his own professionalism. He is also extremely dense when it comes to love, but isn't so oblivious that he doesn't figure it out eventually. Even though he comes off as distant, he's not completely devoid of emotion and seems able to express happiness very rarely; most notably, during violent situations.


He is well known amongst militaries for his outstanding reputation and is a powerful individual, which he has proven when he easily overpowered Lovro, who is a retired assassin. Akira Takaoka considered him as his rival when he was in military.


He first appeared to class 3-E announcing Korosensei's deal with the government and their mission to assassinate him before the end of the year. He later became the assistant teacher and P.E. instructor of class 3-E to train the students.

Abilities Edit

Karasuma is a very powerful person. He is at the peak of his physical ability, and is highly skilled in using knives and firearms alike as well as hand-to-hand combat. As revealed by Korosensei, the true reason of his strength is the "deep rage hidden in his heart", but meaning behind this statement is unknown. He's widely considered the strongest human alive, by both allies and foes alike.


Korosensei Edit

Main article: Korosensei

Koro-sensei is his target. Most of the time, he seems annoyed and exasperated by him. Unless they are educating, they don't get along in the slightlest. He seems well informed about his past and motivations, but refuses to talk about them, presumably at Koro's own request. Various students remark that, under different circumstances, they could have become close friends.

Irina Jelavić Edit

Main article: Irina Jelavić

Irina is his coworker. Since the start, he's reluctant to hire her, considering her a danger to the students wellbeing. The start couldn't have been worse, as Irina shows absolutely no interest on the safety of the class, prompting Karasuma to tell her to change her attitude or she would be replaced. After she grows fonder of the class, their relationship turns cordial at best. He constantly chides her for her lax attitude and lack of professionalism, as she does the same to him for his stuffiness and extreme distance.

At one point, he becomes aware of Irina's growing affection for him, but he seemingly has no interest on reciprocating it, as he sees their relationship as an strictly laboral and temporary one. He reveals this to her and the students on chapter 99.

Class EEdit

Despite his best attempts at keeping his distance, he grows fond of the class as time passes by. The students appreciate him greatly, but also respect him to the point of fearing him.

Akira TakaokaEdit

A former fellow officer of Karasuma's that worked in the same Air Force unit as him. During their time as trainees, Karasuma was superior to him and didn't pay much heed to his efforts. This caused Takaoka to develop a strong hatred for Karasuma and sought to show him that he was the superior one which ultimately failed.


  • (Thinking about Class E) "A group of junior high school students are joyfully discussing an assassination. If you look at it normally, this is the pinnacle of madness. But it's strange. The students who are the most lively are those of Class E, who have the target as their homeroom teacher." [1]


  • His motto is "If something is possible, carry on as planned. Even if isn't possible, do it anyway"[2]
  • Dogs are his favorite animal, but if he passes in front of one it'll bark at him like crazy.[2]
  • He was called "Straight Lace" during class 3-E training using code names.[3]
  • Karasuma appears as a Story Mode NPC in the PS3 game J-Stars Victory Vs, along with Nagisa and Irina.
  • His ideal type of woman is someone who is ideal for battle.
  • Asides from his military career, he has a valid teacher license.
  • His smiles have been noted as terrifying by the students and can even terrify the gun-equipped dogs trained by the God of Death.
  • When compared to Irina in Chapter 27, he's listed as "seduction-proof."
  • In the popularity poll of Volume 12, he was ranked 4th.


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