Shinigami Time
Volume 12
Volume 12
Volume Information
Kanji 『死神』の時間
Romaji Shinigami no jikan
Pages 192
Cover Emotion Luxurious Style
Japanese December 27, 2014
English October 4, 2016
098. Present Time
099. Present Time, 2nd Period
100. Shinigami Time
101. Counterattack Time
102. Shinigami Time, 2nd Period
103. Shinigami Time, 3rd Period
104. Shinigami Time, 4th Period
105. Shinigami Time, 5th Period
106. Shinigami Time, 6th Period
Volume Guide
Athletic Festival Time
Career Time

Shinigami Time (『死神』の時間 Shinigami no jikan) is the twelfth volume of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Publisher's Summary

Author's Comment


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