Tenth Period: School Festival Time
Episode 32
Episode Information
Kanji 学園祭の時間
Romaji Gakuensai no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 115
Chapter 116
Chapter 117
Chapter 118
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Round Two Time
Next Episode End of Term Time, 2nd Period
Air Date
Japanese March 10, 2016
Theme Music

School Festival Time is the thirty-minute episode of the Assassination Classroom anime and the tenth episode of Season 2. It premiered in Japan on 10 March 2016.


Kunigigaoka Academy is hosting a school festival that is famous nationwide over a two-day period. Class 3-E prepares to participate but how will they fare this time against the Five Virtuosos' heavily-sponsored cafe?


In preparation for the upcoming Kunigigaoka school festival, Gakushu Asano successfully negotiates with a major restaurant establishment to sponsor their store. Meanwhile in Class 3-E, the students discuss how to operate their stall given their financial and geographic disadvantages. Korosensei suggests using the mountain's ecosystem to gather natural ingredients, to be used to create acorn noodles.

On the first day of the festival, Toka Yada advertises her class's menu at the main campus grounds. This grabs the attention of the same delinquent students that kidnapped Kayano and Kanzaki during the Kyoto school trip, who were looking to unfairly discredit the class's food. After making the kilometre trek to the mountain classroom, the delinquents could not hide their impressment at the menu. Sugino and Karma recognise the group but otherwise cannot force them to leave due to the class badly needing sales. The leader orders a bowl of acorn noodles intending to spit them out but cannot help but find it tasty. His friends immediately forget their plan due to their greed. Irina seals the deal by seductively requesting for them to come back, telling them there is an ATM at the station. They run off, as the students comment on the master-apprentice pair between Irina and Yada. However they also state that at this rate, they will never catch up to Asano, who is attracting enormous crowds to his cafe complete with live entertainment from famous song artists. For the Five Virtuosos, they feel that Asano can do anything, and resolve to help him achieve his goal.

Later on, the kids and the old man from the nursery arrive at their restaurant, due to Nagisa keeping in contact with them while personally tutoring Sakura. Nagisa admits that they are struggling, though Sakura and the old man believe the class have a hidden power they have yet to tap into. After they leave, Nakamura approaches Nagisa. Having heard why Nagisa has kept his long hair, she apologises for teasing him about it, though Nagisa states he does not mind her and Karma's teasing. A voice then calls out Nagisa's name, and the boy is shocked to see Yūji Norita from the southern island greeting him. When Nagisa asks how Yuji knew where he was attending school Yuji admitted searching everywhere since the summer. Since Yuji still believes Nagisa is a girl and appears to be rich, Nakamura decides to backtrack on her short-lived promise and swiftly swaps her skirt for Nagisa's trousers. She tells him to get as much money from Yuji as he can by playing hostess before booting him out of the building.

Nagisa leads Yuji to a secluded area. Yuji comments on the privacy though Nagisa did not want anyone he knows to see him wearing a skirt. Aided by Nakamura's cue cards (and somewhat hindered by a opportunistic Karma), Nagisa asks Yuji to order everything on the menu to the latter's delight. However Yuji gets comically suspicious as shady characters (such as Red Eye, Lovro and the assassins encountered on the southern island) kept arriving to the mountain classroom on Korosensei's invite. He soon calls out on Nagisa's lies, saying he had grown up learning whether or not a smile is a fake. Nagisa then admits the lies, but also tells Yuji that he had recently learned how to stand up for himself. He also tells Yuji that he is really a guy, much to the latter's shock. Yuji then leaves dejectedly, refusing Nagisa's attempt to refund him. Karma arrives too late to ask him for a cosplay photoshoot, causing Nagisa to question how much money did he plan on Nagisa to get out from Yuji.

On the second day, the students find a huge crowd and news crews lining up at the classroom. Wondering what caused this to happen, Fuwa and Ritsu have discovered the reason for this. An online review had been posted by none other than Yuji Norita, who is revealed to be a famous food critic due to the pleasures of eating rich cuisines thanks to his wealthy father. Yuji had taken Nagisa's words to heart and had given a glowing review of the acorn noodles the class had made. The review immediately has the class working into overdrive and the profits were raking in fast enough to catch up to Asano's cafe. The unexpected turnaround however meant that demand has outstripped their supply of acorn noodles and they were later running out. While the students consider going deeper into the mountain as a chance to beat Class A, Korosensei decides to stop it there, not willing to disrupt the mountain's ecosystem. The students agree, and end up having to close up shop halfway through the day.

At the main campus, Yada prepares to close down her end when a woman approaches her, having arrived too late. Recognising her, Yada takes her to the classroom, and Nagisa immediately recognises the woman to be his mother. He gives her the last drink made from natural ingredients as they sit at a table. Hiromi tells him that she now sees how happy her son is with the class but also that she cannot stop thinking about the events of that night at the same spot. She tells Nagisa that he can do whatever he likes with his life but asks that he stay with her until he becomes of age. Nagisa happily agrees, as the class watch on from the inside. For Korosensei he is happy of the connections that have been made, and hopes he is making good on his promise to her.

At the end of the day, Asano's cafe accumulated the most profits from the festival while Class 3-E came third. Many of the main campus students wonder that had Class 3-E not closed its store halfway through the second day, the result could have been different, a view that Gakushu Asano himself seems to be pondering. They start to think whether Class 3-E is not as bad as they were led to believe, something that catches the attention of the Board Chairman.


Differences between Manga and Anime

  • The conversation between Nakamura and Nagisa is held in the staff room in the anime. In the manga this occurres in the class kitchen prior to Yuji's sudden appearance.
  • The anime ends after the students on main campus are commenting the results of the overall days, while in the manga, Gakuho tells Gakushu that some cruel strategy can also be implied on the students such as poison the food, etc.
  • In the manga, Shindou is the narrator to inform the reader about School Festival but in the anime Kunudon is used as the narrator to inform the audience about School Festival.
  • Class E make a direct consultation to Koro-sensei in the manga, while in the anime Isogai and Megu lead the discussions of the class before Koro-sensei gave some advice for them.
  • In the anime, Koro-sensei already collects the mountain ingredients such as acorn, fish, mushrooms, etc but in the manga Class E is collecting it on their own before they hand it over to Koro-sensei.
  • In the manga, where Itona goes to the rooftop to report his reconnaisance to Koro-sensei, only Koro-sensei and Takebayashi appear while in the anime, Kimura was still on the rooftop along with both Koro-sensei and Takebayashi when Itona reports of his recon.
  • On the final day of school festival, some characters are replaced in the anime such as Sugaya replaced by Maehara and Chiba replaced by Kurahashi.
  • On Class E cashier at the last day on school festival, only Takebayashi was deployed as a Cashier on manga while on anime he was working together with Hazama.
    • This include when more customers are coming, Takebayashi was replaced with Kazama.
  • In the anime, Hinata and Kimura are dirtier than in the manga.
  • In the manga, Kokona and Kaho are shown eating. In the anime, they were omitted because their arcs have been left out before.

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