Ryōma Terasaka
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Kanji 寺坂 竜馬
Romaji Terasaka Ryōma
Character Information
Birthday April 10
Gender Male Male
Height 180 cm (5'11")
Weight 77 kg (170 lbs)
Blood Type O
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Younger sister
School Kunugigaoka Junior High School
Class Class 3-E
Seat Number 16
Occupation Student
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Subaru Kimura (Anime)
Kenichi Koike (VOMIC)
English Voice Marcus D. Stimac (Funimation Broadcast Dub)
Actor Ken Sugawara

Ryōma Terasaka is a student in Korosensei's Class 3-E in Kunugigaoka Junior High School.


Terasaka has short, spiky, brown hair which is dyed blonde around the sides. He has a bulky body which he uses to intimidate people with and light eyes (light green in the anime).


Terasaka is a former bully who enjoyed picking on people because of his large build and loud voice. He is rather dim-witted and relies on others to make plans for him to follow which makes it very easy for others to manipulate him. In addition he is also quick to anger and is very lazy which is why he's in Class E. He disliked Korosensei and how extraordinary Class E was becoming, unlike how it used to be (which was a boring and depressing place). Though he acts like he doesn't care, he actually does care a lot about his classmates and was extremely disturbed when Shiro put them in danger.

After the incident with Shiro, Terasaka is much nicer and no longer bullies others. He often gives encouraging advice to other characters when they need it most and has acknowledged Class E as a place full of amazing and capable people. Despite this development he is still hotheaded and slow-minded, but not as much compared to the beginning of the manga.


Rather than using his brains and wit to succeed in life, Terasaka relied on his strong build and loud voice to use others to his advantage. This also meant that he could bully others into submission with ease and it is implied that he also made them do his work for them, which was probably how he got into Kunugigaoka Junior High in the first place.

Upon being admitted into the school he was put in the same class as Natsuhiko Koyama, who would eventually become one of the top five scorers in the school. Though Terasaka initially attempted to persuade the hard-worker into submission, he soon found that the school, which was so focused on grades, would make his bullying ways obsolete and soon found himself in Class 3-E as a result of his poor academic skills.

Though Class 3-E was a very depressing place, Terasaka was perfectly fine with it because it meant he would not have to work hard and could just cruise through his school life without doing much (if any) work. However that all changed when Korosensei appeared and the entire class was soon drawn into the prospect of assassination and thus greatly encouraging them which did not sit well with Terasaka at first.


First Semester

Terasaka is introduced in Chapter 1 like the rest of the class. After the class's first failed attempt to collectively kill Korosensei, he and his two friends Takuya Muramatsu and Taisei Yoshida pressured fellow classmate Nagisa Shiota into carrying out their plan. Terasaka made Nagisa into a suicide bomber of sorts when the latter falls onto Korosensei with a toy grenade filled with anti sensei BBs inside around Nagisa's neck, which Terasaka then remotely detonated. However, Nagisa was unharmed by Korosensei's shedded skin, with the teacher himself very pissed off that Terasaka pulled such a stunt. To make him and the class fully understand the ramifications of such an act, Korosensei grabbed all of their family nameplates from their houses, stating that while he cannot harm the students, no condition was made to hurt their families or destroy the whole world but them. Although very scared by this, Terasaka argues back stating that an annoying being like Korosensei has to be killed by any means necessary to defend themselves, which puts Korosensei back into a good mood. While he commended the plan and Nagisa's execution of it, the fact that Terasaka and his friends did not care for Nagisa's well-being means that they cannot be called assassins.

Since then, Terasaka mainly stayed out of or did not assist his other classmates' assassination attempts. As time passed on and the students grew more friendlier with their teacher, Terasaka became increasing isolated. He gets a major spotlight in the Summertime Arc, where his isolation from the class and increasing irritation at Korosensei came to a head. Wanting things to return as it did before Korosensei's arrival, Terasaka disrupted his classmates' fun and helps Shiro and Itona in preparing their next plan, smashing a can of smoke inside the school classroom and contaminating the newly-created pool to hamper Korosensei's abilities. When Shiro's plan is completely prepared, Terasaka orders the reluctant class to help him kill the teacher at the pool. But when Terasaka unknowingly blows up the pool's dam and putting the students in the pool in danger of being killed, he realizes he'd been manipulated by Shiro, and thus helps Karma defeat Shiro and Itona's plan.

He gets even more involved with the class as he worked with his group to achieve several 1st spots in Home Economics, so as to exploit a loophole in Korosensei's bet with the class (1 top spot = shooting off 1 tentacle) and scoring multiple 1st spots in the same subject. Korosensei praised this as Home Economics had no standardized answers, making taking 1st spot extremely difficult.

Assassination Island Arc

In the Assassination Island arc, Terasaka played a major role. Unknown to his classmates, Terasaka was infected by the food poison, but he endured the symptoms far longer than any of his classmates. Terasaka unintentionally got Karasuma hit by Smog's gas attack when he rushed forward with Yoshida.

When the group was halted by a door and two guards, Terasaka brandishes (under the suggestion of Korosensei) a pair of stun guns (which he bought off the money he acquired from Shiro, when he sabotaged the pool back then). Terasaka had Masayoshi Kimura to lure the two guards so he and Yoshida can knock them down with stun guns. After doing this, he and Yoshida found revolvers in the guards' pockets, which Korosensei instructed Chiba and Hayami to use.

Halfway through, Nagisa discovers that Terasaka was infected, but the latter forced him to be silent, saying that he has to make up for getting Karasuma gassed earlier(and to amend for his involvement with Shiro which almost drowned his entire classmates).

When Nagisa is almost goaded into frenzy by Takaoka, Terasaka attempted to calm him down by tossing his stun gun at him while persuading him to not be a killer. Later on, Nagisa thanks Terasaka for calling out to him. Terasaka retorts that he only did it because it would be much harder to kill Korosensei with one less man, acknowledging his thanks.


Strength: One of Terasaka's more noticeable features is his physical strength. This has been noted by both Karasuma and Itona. Terasaka is capable of body slamming huge and well-built security guards and single-handily choke soldiers.

Durability: Out of all the students of Class E, his durability is among the highest, if not the highest. He has been shown to be able to withstand direct attacks from Itona's tentacles and was able to hide his poison symptoms for hours during the Assassination Island arc, whereas his classmates succumbed in minutes upon realization.

Simplicity: As noted by Korosensei and Karma, Terasaka is capable of following instructions to the letter and executing them perfectly. Terasaka himself affirms that he is incapable of guiding himself, but wants to choose who to be controlled by. This is demonstrated in him following Karma's plan to the letter to subdue Itona at the natural pool.

Explosives: He has at least a minor understanding of explosives as seen when he modified a toy hand grenade into a lethal one. He also inserted anti-sensei BB's meaning he had to disassemble and reassemble the grenade in the process. The grenade was also had a remote detonator.


Itona Horibe

Main article: Itona Horibe

Itona and Terasaka are good friends despite the former continuously calling the latter stupid and idiotic. Terasaka is the one who managed to open Itona's heart and convince him to change his ways. After Itona reforms and becomes an official student of Class E, he joins Terasaka's group.

Karma Akabane

Main article: Karma Akabane

Originally, Terasaka and Karma did not get along. Karma considered Terasaka to be clueless and Terasaka disliked Karma's high and mighty attitude. When Shiro deceived and betrayed Terasaka, the latter relied on Karma to help him showing that he acknowledges his intelligence and guile. Now, the two get along a lot better although Karma's original perception of Terasaka being an idiot has not changed. However, Terasaka in Chapter 147 notes that even though he originally believed Karma to be a genius, he actually did a lot of work behind the scenes.

Takuya Muramatsu

Main article: Takuya Muramatsu

During the Assassination Test of Courage, Korosensei paired Ryōma with Takuya and Kirara. Most of the times, he is often hanging out with Terasaka.

Kirara Hazama

Main article: Kirara Hazama

During the Assassination Test of Courage, Korosensei paired Ryōma with Takuya and Kirara. Most of the times, she is often hanging out with Terasaka.

Taisei Yoshida

Main article: Taisei Yoshida

Most of the times, he is often hanging out with Terasaka.


(To Class 3-E, mainly Isogai and Karma) "Shortsighted guys with no vision and no goals are doomed to be played by smart guys like them. But you know... at least lemme pick who's pullin' the strings."

(To Karma) "So, Karma - why don't you try controllin' me? Gimme a strategy outta that shrewd noggin of yours! I'll pull it off perfectly and save all of them!"

(To Karma) "Oh, I'll do it, all right. I'm the perpetrator who gets results."

(To Itona Horibe) "It's fine if you fail 100 times. Until March, if we kill him just once... Just with that, it's our win."


  • His best subject is P.E., and his worst is everything else.
  • His aspiration is to be a politician, saying that he doesn't really want to do anything else.
  • His treasure are his friends.
  • His favorite food is bowl of rice with beef.
  • He didn't belong to any club before joining Class E.
  • According to his profile, Terasaka's blood type is O.
  • According to the Roll Book Time, he likes to watch pro wrestling, and one time when he left a DVD at school, Okano stole a glance at it, which winded up affecting her repertoire of skills.
  • He was called "Pseudo-Takaoka" during class 3-E training using code names. This possibly stems from classmates noting the resemblance between Takaoka and Terasaka.
  • He got 46th place in the latest exam (chapter 123), even though he was the 'dumbest' in Class 3-E.
  • During the Civil War, he was eliminated along with Nakamura, Yoshida and Muramatsu when Nagisa ambushed and took out all 4 of them.
  • In the tankobon extras, his statistics were listed as:
    • Physical strength: 5
    • Mobility: 3.5
    • Close-range assassination: 4.5
    • Long-range assassination: 1.5
    • Academic ability: 1
    • Characteristic skill: 4 (idiocy) 



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