Seventh Period: Reaper Time, Part 1
Episode 29
Episode Information
Kanji 死神の時間 前編
Romaji Shinigami no jikan zenpen
Manga Chapters Chapter 98
Chapter 99
Chapter 100
Chapter 101
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Chapter 103
Chapter 104
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Next Episode Reaper Time, Part 2
Air Date
Japanese 18 February 2016
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Reaper Time, Part 1 is the twenty-ninth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime and the seventh episode of Season 2. It first premiered in Japan on 18 February 2016.


When Irina is kidnapped and held hostage by the legendary assassin known as the God of Death ("Reaper" in Funimation subtitles), Class 3-E attempts to rescue her without the help of Korosensei and Karasuma. But the God of Death's skills may be far too outmatched for the students to handle.


Toka Yada, Hinano Kurahashi and Hinata Okano discuss with Irina about their new PE uniforms from the government. Irina states that she originally wanted the girls' uniforms to be more revealing but compromised with Karasuma's vision, to which the girls are grateful for. Irina then chastises Karasuma for not giving Irina a present as she walks away. The girls remember that October 10 (four days previously) had been Irina's birthday.

In the staff room, Irina privately thinks to herself about not receiving anything from Karasuma, nor that she cannot contact Lovro since the summer holidays. Megu Kataoka and a few of the girls take Irina outside to ostensibly learn more French. Eavesdropping out of the window are Okajima and Maehara, who radio Nagisa's group at the town to buy a present. As they wonder what to get someone who has almost everything, the flower shop man who had witnessed accident two weeks ago approaches them. Confirming their intentions to buy a present, the flower shop man makes a convincing sales pitch for a bouquet of roses. The students buy them.

Nagisa's group returns to the mountain classroom and convinces Karasuma to take the flowers to present to Irina. With that accomplished the group of students who're busy pampering Irina suddenly leave, much to her confusion and chagrin. Returning to the staff room however, she finds Karasuma who wishes her a happy birthday and presents her with the bouquet of flowers. Initially speechless, Irina thanks him. Karasuma then states that it will be the only time to mark such an occasion as either the world ends or the mission is successful. At this Irina realizes she has been set up, walks over to the window and finds the class eavesdropping underneath (and a spying Korosensei from above). She hopes that the class had fun stringing a professional assassin along as she realizes that their relationship is strictly a business one. She rejects the flowers and storms out of the classroom. The students accuse Karasuma of being cold and not noticing Irina's feelings for him. He answers that he did notice but states that Irina's blade has been blunted by romance and therefore not suited for their mission. At the school car park, Irina contemplates leaving the mission as a figure approaches behind her.

Three days have passed and Irina had not been seen since her storming out. The students worry for her wellbeing and unable to contact her as Korosensei leaves for a soccer match in Brazil. Afterwards, the flower shop man casually walks in as though blended with the environment, with the students only realizing his presence after they speak to him. The man introduces himself as the God of Death and tells Ritsu to open the image he had just sent to the AI. The image reveals Irina tied up and gagged. The assassin demands that the entire class go to the location he will specify without any word to their teachers, or else he will send each of them a piece of Irina and take one of them hostage in her place. Terasaka threatens him but the God of Death instantly leaves in a flash, leaving behind a map and a note telling them to go the location on the map at 6pm.

The class arrive at the location wearing the new PE gear. With nothing standing out according to Itona's recon drone, Sumire Hara tells Ritsu to tell Korosensei of the situation if they're not back by midnight before the class enter the complex. Arriving in a big room, the God of Death greets them via camera before activating his trap. After seeing Irina tied up, the class try to find a way to escape. Okajima keeps the God of Death distracted by talking to him as Mimura finds a hollowed spot on the wall. Takebayashi sets explosives while Okuda throws down a smoke bomb to cover the class's escape. Their efforts though pleases the assassin, getting a chance to warm up until Korosensei arrives. At the same time the class split into two groups, one led by Isogai to potentially fight the God of Death and another led by Kataoka to rescue Irina. Meanwhile Korosensei is enjoying himself in Brazil but his innocent remark of 7 to 1 unwittingly angers the locals. His failed attempts to contact various students however make him worry as his simultaneous dodging skills reverses the locals' attitudes towards him.

The battle group try to strategise with the mobile Ritsu. Unfortunately they realise from her lazy behaviour the AI had been hacked into. At that moment the God of Death approaches in a shrouded matter with no one unable to make him out. Muramatsu and Yoshida charge at him but the assassin takes them out with ease with his close combat skills. He then kicks Kimura and in one swift move he appears among the group and kicks Kayano in the ribs. Although the cracking sound was emitted by her PE suit to withstand the impact, the assassin's emotionless statement thinking the girl's ribs were so brittle angers Nagisa. He walks up to the assassin with a taser in hand ready to perform the clap stun technique. However the God of Death does it first, stunning Nagisa into paralysis. The assassin instantly takes out the rest of the battle group who are vastly outmatched by his speed and explains to Nagisa about the wavelength of a human's consciousness, and striking at its peak before the boy falls unconscious. Meanwhile the rescue squad find Irina and untie her. However Irina betrays the group and using various tricks to incapacitate most of the group much to their shock. While Terasaka prepares to fight her and the God of Death who had just arrived, Itona instead opts to surrender, hoping to win another day.

The class is soon imprisoned in a large cell, Nagisa still dazed out from the clap stun technique. Karma asks whether the assassin's fight with Korosensei will go according to plan though he answers that no matter how poor the intel he will still get results. Looking at his monitor however he finds Karasuma outside the complex with Korosensei acting like a dog to track the students' scent.


  • Korosensei's remark of 7 to 1 is in reference to the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi-final between Germany and Brazil. Brazil's humiliating loss is also referenced by the locals who were painfully reminded of the outcome hence why they attacked Korosensei.

Differences between anime and manga

  • The anime has the class split into two groups - a combat group and a rescue squad. In the manga a third group was also created to scout the area for escape routes.
  • Team A (the combat group) consisted of Isogai, Nagisa, Karma, Kayano, Okano, Maehara, Chiba, Kimura, Yoshida, and Muramatsu. This team was supposed to search for the enemy and destroy them as well as back up any team who ran into the enemy.
  • Team B is the rescue team consisting of Kurahashi, Okajima, Toka Yada, Nakamura, Mimura, Hayami, and Kanzaki. Led by Megu Kataoka and Sugino, Their goal was to rescue Bitch sensei.
  • Team C was the recon group which consisted of Itona, Terasaka, Okuda, Takebayashi, Sugaya, Fuwa, Hazama, and Hara. This team was suppose to use Terasaka as a shield while gathering Intel on how to escape.
  • When discussing the design of Class 3-E's new PE uniforms, Irina emphasises Toka Yada as a model in the manga. In the anime it uses Ritsu as a model.
  • The manga had an additional scene where Red Eye was being chased by the God of Death. He was eventually cornered and presumably killed. The God of Death the looks at a tablet with images of hit-men whom he has killed crossed out and Irina was seen to be his next target,
  • When the students are distracting Irina, Korosensei explains how she has started using more of the students names and how she has become a great teacher. He also starts to think of a way he can also scheme with the students.
  • In the anime when Irina confronts the students about scheming about her love life she shoots her gun in the air. While in the manga she shoots the guy past Okuda's and Takebayashi's heads hitting a tree.
  • The manga has a number of additional scenes where after the third day of Irina not showing up Kurosensei asks if Karasuma could empathize with her. He says compassion is useless between professionals and says he has to interview a hit-man. The scene then jumps to a disgusting balding man sitting on a couch trying to convince Karasuma he can kill Kurosensei. He is dismissed immediately. Karasuma explains that the quality of hit-men has fallen recently because they have not been able to get into contact with Lovro. At that moment Lovro calls Karasuma. Lovro explains he was nearly killed shocking Karasuma. Lovro asks if the line is safe. Karasuma assumes him it is. Lovro is relieved because if he starts spreading information about the God of death then the next time it won't just be a month long coma. Lovro tells Karasuma to give up on killing Korosensei because there is a man hunting all of Lovro's protege and business associates, He goes onto describe the greatness of his abilities.
  • The manga shows that a "bug" was placed in the bouquet given to Irina. When she threw it to the ground it allowed the God of Death to gather Intel on the class for 3 days.
  • Kurahashi questioned if the God of Death was a good person or not because he seemed so nice when they met him. Karma explained that was what was most dangerous about him. All his victims probably believed that until the moment he killed them.
  • Lovro explains to Karasuma that the God of Death has hired people out of convenience to complete a plan before but they are never aware of what is going to happen. He also explains that the God of Death has taken on jobs of such difficulty that some believe he may be up to 10 different people. Lastly, Lovro says that the God of Death has been fairly quiet the last 2 years but has finally started to make his move.
  • Karasuma bumps into the God of Death disguised as the flower shop guy on his way back to the school. Karasuma sees that he has the flowers he gave to Irina and asks him about it. He is told they are very delicate and is given one for free. The God of Death remarks that he can tell he is superhuman but not on his level.
  • Before entering the building the students come up with a plan to pretend to be easily caught then escape and rescue Bitch sensei. This is because the "bug" placed in the bouquet means the information the God of Death has on the students is limited.
  • The three groups decided to destroy all surveillance cameras they came across to cover their tracks.
  • During the fight between Team A and the God of Death the hit against Kimura was toned down. In the manga he bounced quite a distance off the wall while in the anime he just hit the wall. Nagisa also didn't have a knife along with his stun gun when attacking the God of Death.
  • While exploring Team C notices that outside of one of the is a large cavernous area which is unlikely to be for them. They realize it is most likely a trap for Kurosensei.
  • The manga shows Team B finding the room Bitch sensei is in and it being locked. Okajima is freaking out because Team A has already been defeated. Kataoka Megu and Mimura use mini explosives to blow open the door. They also explain that Okuda specially made tear gas bullets which will cause panic if they hit near the face.
  • In the Anime it was Terasaka who carried Irina. However since he was in a different group it was Sugino who carried her in the manga.
  • The manga also has the students taunting and looking down on Irina before she takes them all down. Irina also took the students down in a much more elaborate manner.
  • In the manga the entirety of Team C surrenders not just Itona and Terasaka. A scene is also added to explain why Itona surrendered. Itona was talking to Korosensei at some point and Kurosenei explained that the enhanced body that Itona has with slowly fade back to normal. So things he could do yesterday he may not be able to do today. So he should be very careful.
  • Irina was in the Cage with the students when Karasuma showed up. She was places the cuffs on the students.
  • In the manga it was Karma was the one to notice Karasuma and Korosensei arriving not the God of Death.

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