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Nagisa Shiota
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Kanji 潮田 渚
Romaji Shiota Nagisa
Character Information
Birthday July 20
Gender Male Male
Height 159 cm (5'3")
Weight 48 kg (106 lbs)
Relatives Hiromi Shiota (mother)
Unnamed Father
School Kunugigaoka Junior High School
Class Class 3-E
Seat Number 11
Occupation Student
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Mai Fuchigami (Anime)
Nao Tōyama (OVA)
Nozomi Yamamoto (VOMIC)
English Voice Lindsay Seidel (Funimation Broadcast Dub)
Actor Ryosuke Yamada

Nagisa Shiota is a student in Korosensei Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School and the protagonist and main narrator of Assassination Classroom.


Nagisa is a petite framed boy with light blue hair and azure eyes. His hair is shoulder-length because of his mother making him keep it that way, but because he's self-conscious about the length, he keeps it in two pigtails. He is known for his androgynous appearance which has often poked fun at by many people - most notably, Rio Nakamura.


Nagisa is a calm, collected, and friendly individual. He is exceptionally observant and circumspect of his surroundings and the situations that develop around him. He tends to pay strict attention to Korosensei in hopes to understand the motives of this mysterious being and compiles the information he has gathered in his notes for reference.

Despite his calm demeanor, he harbors deep insecurity about his talents and how he is perceived by the people around him. This is reflected by lack of goals and general pessimism about his own future. Nagisa also isn't easily fazed by things that would unnerve the average person as shown with his interactions with Karma and the prospect of using a real knife.


Nagisa is the son of Hiromi Shiota and her (presumably ex) husband. His mother had hoped for a daughter so she could experience all the things she had missed as a child through her, but got a son instead. As a result, she dictated his life from forcing him to keep his hair long, to being forced to crossdress and verbally abused him whenever he spoke against her. Her personality also caused her husband to leave her and Nagisa.

He was revealed to formally have been in Class D during his first two years of middle school before falling into Class E due to poor grades.[1]



As the narrator and main protagonist of the series, Nagisa is the student that is given the most screen time out of all his classmates. Introduced in Chapter 1, after homeroom is started by Korosensei, Nagisa gives the command for the class to stand. They all draw their guns, aim and fire at Korosensei while he takes the register. Nagisa listens to the creature lecture the class on their supposedly simplistic plan and demonstrates the effect the special bullets have on him if hit, much to Nagisa's astonishment. Nagisa, along with the rest of class 3-E tidy up the classroom under Korosensei's instructions.

When Kaede Kayano whispers to him pointing out the permanent crescent moon in the sky, Nagisa remembers the destruction of the moon and the meeting and introduction of the culprit. This happened along with Karasuma from the Ministry of Defense both explaining and actively showing what their future jobs will be, along with revealing the 10 billion yen reward.

Later, while thinking about how the students of Class E are not normal students, Terasaka, Yoshida and Muramatsu approach him about working on an assassination plan, which he agrees to do with them. When Korosensei is seemingly less alert Nagisa attempts to strike him with an anti-sensei knife. Korosensei dodges it but it turns out to be a feint as Nagisa throws himself onto his teacher with a grenade around his neck. Terasaka detonates it via remote and the plan seems to have succeeded. However Nagisa had been covered by Korosensei's shedded skin while the target escaped the blast. Initially extremely angry that Terasaka and his friends had pulled such a stunt and not caring about their classmate's welfare, Korosensei nevertheless praises how Nagisa had approached him in such an innocent manner but hiding his real motives.

Helping friends and new additions

For most of the series Nagisa would act in a supporting role to classmates that receive a spotlight in various chapters such as his two friends Tomohito Sugino and Karma Akabane, or other classmates he gets along well with such as helping Maehara get revenge on a selfish female student and saving Yukiko Kanzaki from rogue high school students. Simultaneously he would observe and note down Korosensei's various weaknesses and habits to assist his classmates in further assassination attempts, some of which do actually come in handy such as Korosensei's fear of water.

After a school assembly Nagisa hangs back from the class, wanting to get a drink. However he is accosted by two of his former classmates. They attempt to remind and enforce the unofficial rules and customs imposed on Class E to Nagisa. When Nagisa remains silent, one grabs him by the shirt and threatens to kill him. At this Nagisa coldy chuckles and calls their bluff, scaring them off. This is witnessed by Korosensei and Karasuma, but also by the principal, who sees this as a minor threat to the school's status quo.

Nagisa and the rest of the class also saw the separate arrival of three assassins, each failing in their attempt to kill Korosensei. One being their new English teacher Irina Jelavic, and the other two being so-called transfer students - an A.I. nicknamed Ritsu by the class, and Itona Horibe accompanied by his mysterious guardian named Shiro. While the first two failed their task, Itona's near-success (due largely to being implanted with the same tentacles as Korosensei) brings home the possibility to Nagisa and the class that should someone else other than the students succeed, they would go back to being misfits and nobodies with no goal or purpose. At this they resolve to improve themselves so that they are the ones that will kill their teacher to save the world.

Talent time

Two months since Korosensei's arrival, Class E's PE teacher Karasuma initially had the impression that Nagisa was an average student. However, during training, he felt a strange presence coming from behind, similar to that of snakes. He parried the attack only to realise that the 'snake' turned out to be Nagisa. When Akira Takaoka arrives at Kunagigaoka in order to train the Class E students better against Korosensei, Takaoka's brutal methods forces Karasuma to intervene. He challenges Karasuma to choose one student to attempt to assassinate him, using a real knife.

Karasuma decides to choose Nagisa based on the presence he had felt earlier from the boy. Although Karasuma does not force Nagisa to fight, Nagisa trusts his teacher's decision and does so, in part due to the fact that Takaoka had injured Maehara and Kanzaki earlier. Realising that he only needs to kill Takaoka to win, Nagisa calmly walks up to his opponent with a smile, close enough to whip the knife at Takaoka's throat in close range. The intent to kill catches Takaoka off guard and causes him to lose his balance. Nagisa grabs Takaoka's shirt to pull him to the ground and swings around to the back, covering Takaoka's eyes with one hand and with the other holds up the back end of the knife at the throat. The teachers and the class are stunned at this result, with Karasuma realising that Nagisa does indeed have the talent and ability to hide his bloodlust for assassination. Nagisa's victory resulted in Takaoka receiving the sack from the principal himself, Karasuma getting his job back and an increase in respect from his classmates.

Assassination Island Arc

After Class E won a wager against Class A in the end-of-semester exams, they journeyed to an island resort in Okinawa for the summer vacation. It was also the place where they plan to kill Korosensei. Nagisa contributed to the attempt by scouting underwater for the best places to hold the attempt and later helped create a water cage with Kayano to trap Korosensei. Despite the class's best efforts, their plan ultimately failed when their teacher resorted to his last resort - turning himself into a sphere with an invincible crystal barrier surrounding him. However in this form he cannot move.

Later that night, half of the class succumbed to poison. Nagisa was among the other half unaffected. The mastermind behind it called Karasuma and would hold them to ransom. Claiming to have the antidote to the poison, he demanded to have Nagisa and Kayano come up to the mountaintop hotel with the helpless Korosensei within the hour. Everyone knew that the two would be held hostage if they followed through with his demands, so the standing students as well as the teachers infiltrated the heavily guarded hotel with Ritsu's aid to steal the antidote. The heavy guard presence forced Irina to separate from them and act as a distraction, while Karasuma was incapacitated by gas in downing the professional hit man Smog. Nagisa was given the duty of holding Korosensei and at one point swivelled him around when the latter carelessly mentioned that this was a summer vacation, much to the class's anger. In Chapter 66 Nagisa accompanied the girls through a crowded bar in case they needed a guy to distract any guards, though to his dismay he was forced to cross-dress to avoid any suspicions. To add further misery, Nagisa was approached by a rich boy named Yuji Norita, and was forced to put up with him while the girls continued their plan. In the end, the girls used Yuji's unfortunate accident with another patron to distract the guard, leaving Nagisa bemused that he had to cross-dress for nothing.

The class finally manage to reach the top floor and discover the mastermind to be Takaoka, who wanted revenge against Class E for the humiliation he suffered when he returned to the Ministry of Defense. He swore vengeance against Nagisa in particular ever since his loss to him and claimed that Nagisa's smile was the source of his nightmares. Takaoka led Nagisa and the class to the helipad and beckoned Nagisa to fight him again. Nagisa complies and attempts to reason with Takaoka to no avail. Instead, he blows up the antidote, triggering Nagisa's bloodlust and intent to kill in his despair. However, Terasaka knocks him out of it using his thrown stun rod before collapsing from the poison. Nagisa and Takaoka then fight, but the latter's combat skills and increased awareness initially overwhelms the boy, making even Korosensei worried about the potential outcome. Despite being badly beaten, Nagisa reveals to have one trick up his sleeve, a technique he learnt from Irina's mentor Lovro before the class left for the island resort. By making Takaoka concentrate on Nagisa's knife, Nagisa lets it fall before faking him out with a sudden loud clap. The sudden fake out surprises Takaoka enough for Nagisa to retrieve the stun rod and shock Takaoka into submission. Takaoka collapses to his knees and Nagisa points the stun rod at his throat. Despite the former's cruel actions, Nagisa thanks him with his trademark smile for teaching him bloodlust as well as the importance of friends in controlling said bloodlust before striking him unconscious.


Class 3-E

Kaede Kayano

Main article: Kaede Kayano

Kaede is another one of Nagisa's closest friends and the two sit next to each other in class. Out of all the females, Kaede is definitely the one he's closest to. They get along well and are often seen together and were paired together during the Assassination Test of Courage. It was revealed in Chapter 130 that Kayano is the reason for his signature pigtails and that she was using him to mask herself. When Korosensei later attempts to remove Kayano's black tentacles, Nagisa uses Irina's special kissing technique on Kayano to distract her from her bloodlust so Korosensei could remove the tentacles from her neck.

Karma Akabane

Main article: Karma Akabane

Karma is one of Nagisa's closest friends and the only person Karma will seemingly listen to. They were in the same class for their first two years of middle school which continued into their third year. Unlike many people, Nagisa is unfazed by Karma's violent behavior and although they have basically opposite personalities, they do have similar interests and get along well. Karma also enjoys teasing Nagisa, but the latter doesn't pay it much mind despite often being incredulous to the extent of the teasing. It also been noted that Nagisa admires Karma's brilliant and easygoing personality. According to the official character book, Nagisa is the only person to have visited Karma's house.

Rio Nakamura

Main article: Rio Nakamura

Nagisa sits beside Rio in class and the latter often teases him and plays on his androgynous appearance which is listed as one of her hobbies. Despite that, the two get along well and Nagisa doesn't pay much mind to her teasing.


Tadaomi Karasuma

Main article: Tadaomi Karasuma

Karasuma thought that Nagisa was a mild student with no special physical abilities. However, he did sense the presence of Nagisa's natural talent for assassination. Because of that, he chose Nagisa to challenge Takaoka in a "mock assassination", which Nagisa skillfully won. Like most of Class E's students, Nagisa is fond of him, due to the fact that Karasuma treats him and the others as a professional equal.

Irina Jelavic

Though initially it began with Irina's ruse to get information on Korosensei with a 'Kiss of Death "30 hits"' and timidity on the part of Nagisa, the two eventually become good allies with the good bonds of teacher and student. On several occasions, Irina demonstrated some valuable techniques as an assassin to Nagisa. Likewise Irina is surprised by Nagisa's hidden talents and bloodlust, the more notable examples being outsmarting a combat veteran such as Takaoka in a fight and subduing Kaede Kayano with her own technique: the Kiss of Death.


Yūji Norita

Yūji is a rich boy Nagisa met in Chapter 66 when he was forced to crossdress during a mission to save the remaining students of Class E. Yūji fell in love with Nagisa after seeing his smile and the latter teaching him what it means to be cool. They meet again in Chapter 117 where Yūji revealed that he had been searching for Nagisa ever since their first meeting. Nagisa reveals to Yūji that he is male and helps teaches him that he can turn his weaknesses into strength and though shocked (and heartbroken), he still considered him a friend.


Sakura is a young girl Nagisa sometimes teaches at Wakaba Park's Nursery. He had problems connecting with her at first, but eventually he was able to befriend her and help her with both her studies and her bullying problems. Sakura is also very fond of Nagisa due to his kind nature. Afterwards, he became her personal tutor.


Assassination: Nagisa's physical abilities are mediocre, and he is one of the weakest among the boys; not only that, but his constitution and strength is equal to a girl's. However, Nagisa has an extraordinary amount of natural talent as an assassin; as shown in his duels against Takaoka and numerous times during the span of the story. His natural ability makes various characters comment on how easily Nagisa could build a career as hitman, however Nagisa himself ultimately decides to use this talent to help others.

Bloodlust: Nagisa possesses a frighteningly massive amount of hidden bloodlust which affects his opponents to the point of rendering them unable to move, even if they are professional assassins and soldiers. This is made evident during his 'mock assassination' with Takaoka, as well as when two of Nagisa's old classmates threatened him. This unique talent has sparked the interest of all three of Class E's main faculty. When Nagisa's bloodlust is released, it's metaphorically represented as a large, blood-soaked snake coiled around Nagisa's target with its fangs bared and ready to strike at any moment. In later chapters, his bloodlust takes the form of a flaming aura around him. If he were to lose control of his bloodlust in the middle of a rage, one notable symptom is that his eyes would become dull and that bloodlust is reflected in them. This ability has a few setbacks, one being that Nagisa overlooks his own safety and dignity to be able to attack, and the other being that opponents with a larger bloodlust, such as the God of Death, will be completely unaffected by it thus making him extremely vulnerable to any kind of counterattacks.

People Reading/Discernment: Due to his mother's personality, Nagisa developed the ability to read people's expressions and intentions with ease. After receiving the God of Death's "Clap Stun Attack" this ability later evolves into where he can view the "wavelength" or "wavelength of consciousness" of a person that represents the person's breath, line of sight, expression, and more. This allows him to find a person's gap in consciousness as well as their peak in consciousness which he has used from stunning an enemy before attacking, to simple things such as being able to remove a size label from clothing without the person wearing it noticing.


  • (About Korosensei) "Chew out at Mach 20, then praised with waving tentacles... This unusual education made me pretty happy. All because this unusual teacher was actually looking at us head-on.
  • (About Korosensei) "We've never assassinated anyone before, and there's plenty of other stuff we should be doing. But you know... I think this teacher might even accept my bloodlust.
  • (To Korosensei) "Before you destroy Earth... I'll kill you.
  • (To Akira Takaoka) "I feel that Karasuma-sensei, who devotes himself to being professional, is much kinder than Takaoka-sensei, who forcefully passes off as a father." 
  • (To 2 Class D students) "Kill me, huh? And yet it looks like you've never killed someone before."
  • (To Kaede Kayano) "I want to know more about everyone, try killing sensei more, and live so I don't leave anything unfinished."
  • (About Kaede Kayano) "I'll never accept it, Kayano. I'll never believe it was all an act! All of our Class E memories... All the good times we had... You could never block them out entirely. I refuse to believe that you were only focused on your revenge."


  • His favorite food is sushi according to Chapter 2.
  • His favorite subject is English while his least favorite subject is Science.
  • His hobby is researching.
  • He was called "Gender" during class 3-E training using code names.
  • If he earned the reward from killing Korosensei, he'd like to buy himself some height.
  • Nagisa appears as a Story Mode NPC in the PS3 game J-Stars Victory Vs, along with Irina and Karasuma.
  • In the art rankings of Volume 5, Nagisa placed 5th among the male students.
  • Nagisa is one of the few people in the entire manga who is referred to by his first name. Considering the last name basis setting, this type of formality is a bit odd.
  • In the popularity poll of Volume 12, he was ranked 2nd.
  • He is the only the student that takes note of Korosensei's weaknesses.
  • He's the shortest male student.
  • In the tankobon extras, his statistics were listed as:
    • Physical strength: 2
    • Mobility: 3.5
    • Close-range assassination: 3.5
    • Long-range assassination: 3.5
    • Academic ability: 3.5
    • Characteristic skill: 5 (anti-human assassination)


  1. Assassination Classroom 112 page 15-17


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