Nagisa's Father
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Nagisa's father (anime)

Character Information
Gender Male Male
Relatives Nagisa Shiota (son)
Hiromi Shiota (ex-wife, back together)
Manga Chapter 76
Anime Summer Festival Time, 1st Period
Japanese Voice Ikuji Nose
English Voice Matthew Mercer

Nagisa's Father is the father of Nagisa Shiota and the ex-husband of Hiromi Shiota. Despite appearing in both the anime and manga before Hiromi, his name has not been revealed.


Mr. Shiota has short light hair that is looked to be grayish blue, like his son's. However, in the second season of the anime, his hair is dark grey/black and his eyes are black as well.


Mr. Shiota appears to be a calm man who feels guilty for leaving Nagisa. He seems to still care for his son, even taking him out for sushi.


Not much is known about Mr. Shiota's past other than he was once married to Hiromi Shiota. At some point, he left his wife when Nagisa was (presumably) still young.


When Class 3-E returned home after the Assassination Island Arc, each student spent the remainder of their summer vacation in their own way. Mr. Shiota was first seen having sushi with his son and asked how Nagisa was fairing living with his mother since she's so strict. Nagisa tries to ease his father's worries by saying it wasn't so bad if she's not aggravated. Korosensei suddenly appeared behind Mr. Shiota with a sign to ask Nagisa to go to the summer festival. Nagisa then hurriedly said his goodbyes to his father and ran out. Mr. Shiota commented on how his son is doing better.

Later, in chapter 112, he is mentioned by his ex-wife, Hiromi Shiota, and Nagisa reveals that he left because he couldn't stand arguing with Hiromi.

Mr. Shiota makes his next physical appearance in chapter 178. He and Hiromi attend Nagisa's graduation together and reveal they plan on giving their relationship another try. Mr. Shiota also reveals that a month prior, Korosensei visited him and explained some things about Nagisa to him. This includes the fact that Nagisa requested to be called by his first name in the event his parents got back together to make the transition to his "old name" easier.


Mr. Shiota has not displayed any unique abilities.


Nagisa Shiota

Main article: Nagisa Shiota

Nagisa and his father seem to have a good (maybe a bit distant) relationship. It is shown that Mr. Shiota feels guilty for leaving him. Nagisa, on the other hand, seems to have made his peace with it although it is later revealed he hoped his parents would get back together.

Hiromi Shiota

Main article: Hiromi Shiota

Mr. Shiota wasn't originally shown interacting with Hiromi. The two were once married and even had a child, Nagisa, together. According to Nagisa, Hiromi drove him away with her harsh temper. However, as of chapter 178, the two are giving their relationship another shot.



  • His name is unknown.
  • The age Nagisa was at when Mr. Shiota left Hiromi is also unknown.
  • There is a possibility that his surname is not "Shiota", depending on if Hiromi changed hers and Nagisa's surnames to her maiden name or not. However the chance of this is very slim. Although, in chapter 178, a flashback of Korosensei reveals Nagisa asked to be called by his first name so that if his parents get back together, going back to his "old name" would be easier. This supports "Shiota" being Hiromi's maiden name but not his name.



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