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Manami Okuda
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Kanji 奥田 愛美
Romaji Okuda Manami
Character Information
Birthday November 7
Gender Female Female
Height 149 cm (4'11")
Weight 44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood Type A
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
School Kunugigaoka Junior High School (Junior High School)
Oku Tokyo Kagaku Gijutsu High School (High School)
Sakuba University (College)
Class Class 3-E
Seat Number 5
Occupation Student(Former)
Researcher (Current)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Sayuri Yahagi (Anime)
Miho Arakawa (OVA)
English Voice Felecia Angelle
Actor Miku Uehara

Manami Okuda is a student in Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, taught by Korosensei.


Manami has black hair, styled into twin braids that reach just below her shoulder and brown eyes (lavender in the anime). She wears glasses and has a more petite frame than most of the girls in Class 3-E.

Seven years after graduating Class 3-E, her hair is styled into a single braid, which rested over her left shoulder, instead of her usual twin braids.


Okuda is a shy and rather introverted girl. She has poor language skills and is straightforward because of it. Despite her introversion, she's a sweet and determined girl who hopes to be useful to the class.


First Semester

Toxin Time

Manami was one of the first characters to be formally introduced. She was properly introduced in Chapter 7 when she flat-out asked Korosensei to drink her poisons. The first poison was revealed to be sodium hydroxide which caused Korosensei to grow horns. The second one was thallium acetate which caused wings to grow at the back of his head. The third one was aqua regia which turned him back to normal, but instead of his usual smile, he had a poker face that resembled an emoticon. Korosensei told Okuda that as a teacher he cannot overlook the safety hazards of a student creating her own poisons and then tells her that if she has time after school then they'll make a poison that'll kill him which she excitedly agrees to.

After school while the two are creating poisons, Korosensei notes that Okuda's grades in science are excellent to which she responds that it's the only thing she's good at, putting emphasis on Japanese being her weakest subject. She states that she can't find the right words to express how she feels and that she never knows what is the right answers as opposed to science and math where there is only one right answer and that to her, beautiful words and clever thinking with emotions are unnecessary. After that Korosensei gives her a worksheet for homework. The next day, Okuda has her poison ready and is ready to give it to Korosensei. She gives it to him and after he drinks it he thanks her for the "medicine" that'll allow him to evolve. He later reveals that he had her make a medicine would turn him into a liquid state and while he proceeds to fly throughout the classroom, the other students start shooting at him. When he finally settles into a corner on the ceiling he tells Manami that no matter how good at chemistry she may be, without the necessary language skills it'll all be futile and to continue working on her language skills.

School Trip Time

After the mid-term exams, Class E went on a school trip to Kyoto, with the purpose of killing Korosensei. Okuda was grouped up with Nagisa Shiota, Kaede Kayano, Karma Akabane, Tomohito Sugino and Yukiko Kanzaki. While scouting the old neighborhood for assassination spots, the group was ambushed by delinquents from another school in a dark alley. The boys were overpowered and knocked unconscious while Kayano and Kanzaki were kidnapped simultaneously. Okuda managed to hide herself until the delinquents left the area and the boys began waking up. Okuda would later help the boys find the missing girls and assisted them and Korosensei who arrived to the rescue in knocking out the delinquents with the brick-sized guidebooks their teacher gave them. That night, Okuda looks on in astonishment seeing Kanzaki expertly playing an arcade game.

End of Term Time

Okuda returns to the spotlight during the end of semester exams. Joining Nagisa, Kaede, Yūma Isogai, Rio Nakamura and Kanzaki in a study session in the main campus library, they were confronted by the Five Virtuosos of Class A. Okuda stood up for her class to the top science student Natsuhiko Koyama and bore witness to the wager the Five offered to Class E. During the science exam itself, Okuda finally realizes what Korosensei meant about incorporating literature into solving complex formulas. She would later come first in the subject in the entire grade, beating out Koyama and even the overall top scorer Gakushū Asano. Along with six others, she earned the right to shoot off one of Korosensei's tentacles in the class's upcoming assassination.

Assassination Island Arc

Having ranked first in Science, Okuda was one of seven students to shoot off one of Korosensei's tentacles. In preparation for the assassination at Okinawa, she helped out distracting their target while the other students scouted the area. When the time came, she shot off a tentacle and joined in the effort to pin Korosensei down. However the class's plan failed when their teacher turned himself invincible but at the cost of his mobility. Later that night, ten of the students collapsed from an unknown virus. Okuda stayed behind with Takebayashi in treating the ill while those left standing infiltrated the mountain top hotel. While caring for the poisoned students, Okuda discussed whether the virus was contagious, though Takebayashi believed it was a targeted attack. The healthy students later returned with some antibiotics to cure their sick classmates.

Prior to leaving the island, Korosensei set up the Assassination Test of Courage, a supposedly scary attraction but it was really a way to spark romance among the students. Okuda was paired with Karma, who admitted to her that he was envious of Nagisa's talents for assassination.

Second Semester

Okuda remained in the background for much of the second semester. During the God of Death arc, she prepared a smoke bomb to cover the class's initial escape from the master assassin and was assigned to the recon team. However she and the rest of the class were captured by the assassin soon after before eventually being rescued by Karasuma and Korosensei. During careers consultation, she prepared another poison for Korosensei to drink, though this had been tampered with by Karma and Rio Nakamura, with comedic results.

In the finals, she was ranked highly in the top 50, beating her Science rival Koyama once again. At the end of the semester Okuda and the rest of the class witnessed Kayano revealing her true identity in her assassination attempt, and later the near-suicidal battle between her and Korosensei. Everyone later heard Korosensei's story of his past as the original God of Death and how he became their teacher. Okuda was among the group who later visited the recuperating Kayano in hospital prior to the start of the final semester.

Final Semester

Schism Time: Class 3-E Civil War

When term resumed, the class was still unsure of their next move after hearing Korosensei's history. The class eventually became divided over whether to continue killing their teacher, or follow Nagisa's proposal to find a way to save him. Korosensei mediated the situation by having the two sides fight each other in a team death match style paintball war. Okuda sided with Nagisa's team, and used a special pair of lenses she developed to spot the hidden Kōki Mimura, who was spying on their formations. When most of the surviving save team members launched a frontal assault to eliminate Rinka Hayami, Okuda was the first to be shot down and eliminated from the war. With the final outcome to be decided between Nagisa and Karma in melee combat, Okuda shouted out that she wanted Karma to win despite being on opposing sides, stating that she understood Karma's reasons through his fighting style. Nagisa eventually won the war with Karma's surrender.

Research Project - A Time for Resolve

When the class obtained American research data from the International Space Station, Okuda was able to decipher the jargon and translated the necessary information for the class to hear. She discovered that the chances of the antimatter exploding in lifeforms decreases according to the life form's biological size - in Korosensei's case, the chances of him self-destructing is less than 1%. A chemical had been developed to further neutralise the threat, which Okuda found to be similar to the poison she made in the first semester; specifically the one which turned Korosensei into a liquid state. Although knowing of a solution to save their teacher, the class resolved to continue killing Korosensei at least until their graduation in March.


Seven years later, Okuda was working along with Takebayashi as a scientist at a research lab/institution. Their research on artificial blood based on the recipes provided by Korosensei in their guidance books have impressed their supervisor to set themselves up for the future.


Poison Making/Chemistry: Despite the fact that she states that she isn't really good with surprise attacks and expressing things in language, Okuda excels in chemistry and mathematics and is very capable of making even the most deadliest of poisons for various situations.

Science: Okuda has a talent with this subject and after learning to incorporate literature into it, she has become even better at it. This has proven useful as she is later able to decipher the complex technical jargon and translate it for the rest of the class to understand. She's also ranked first in the school for the subject.


Karma Akabane

Main article: Karma Akabane

Karma and Okuda are shown to get along quite well. Karma has openly admitted that he is attracted to her due to her mastery in poison making and Manami, though unaware of this, thinks of him as a good friend. The two were also paired together during Korosensei's Test of Courage. According to the official character booklet, Manami feels relaxed around Karma and in the anime she stated that he "wasn't all that scary."

Nagisa Shiota

Main article: Nagisa Shiota

On her character profile in the tankoban extra, it was stated that Nagisa was one of the friends she recently made.

Kaede Kayano

Main article: Kaede Kayano

Okuda and Kayano are shown to get along very well and are often seen together. According to the official character booklet, Kayano is one of her closest friends.


  • Her favorite subject is Science while her least favorite is Literature.
  • Her special skill is that she can draw chemical formulas with a single brush stroke.
  • Her past club before joining Class E was Science Club.
  • Her favorite food is Honeycomb toffee.
  • Her most treasured item is a small pipette.
  • She wants to be a researcher in the future.
  • She was called "Poison Glasses" during Class 3-E's training using code names.
  • During the Civil War, she was eliminated when Hayami sniped her down.
  • In the tankobon extras, her statistics were listed as:
    • Physical strength: 1
    • Mobility: 1.5
    • Close-range assassination: 1
    • Long-range assassination: 3
    • Academic ability: 4
    • Characteristic skill: 5 (chemistry)



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