LR Time
Episode 10
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Kanji LRの時間
Romaji LR no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 25
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Chapter 28
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Previous Episode Transfer Student Time
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Air Date
Japanese March 20, 2015
English April 22, 2015
(Broadcast Dub)
Theme Music
Opening Seishun Satsubatsuron
Ending Hello, shooting-star

LR Time is the tenth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime series. The episode is scheduled to air on March 20, 2015.


Irina's teacher Lovro makes an appearance and sees how friendly and familiar she's gotten with Class E. Because of this, he tells her to leave and Irina is left with the choice to either stay with Class E, or go.


After finishing a lesson about the art of conversation to Class E, an exhausted Irina complains to Karasuma about having to teach instead of assassinating, as well as Korosensei constantly looking at her boobs. She leaves the faculty room only to be ambushed and strung up by the neck. The person who ambushed her is none other than her master Lovro. Karasuma comes out of the staff room to confront the man, who says that each knows the other by their reputation. When Irina frees herself, Lovro reveals to have orchestrated Irina being in the school and berates her for becoming too friendly and familiar with Class E in her undercover role, something that is not fit for assassination. Irina begs to be given another chance when Korosensei arrives to comically diffuse the tensions. To let Irina prove herself to Lovro in letting her stay, Korosensei proposes a mock assassination of Karasuma using the anti-sensei knives as weapons and whoever strikes Karasuma first wins. Both teachers and Lovro agree.

As Karasuma briefs the class of what will transpire the next day, Irina calls out to him bringing a drink. The casual, over-affectionate approach does not fool Karasuma and the class one bit, knowing that the drink is drugged. He calls her bluff, stating it is the oldest trick in the assassination book. Irina pretends to trip and injure herself but also does not fool everyone. Karasuma leaves while Lovro watches the whole thing in the shadows. Inside, Karasuma asks Korosensei what happens if he did not get stabbed. The latter admits that he did not think about this, but states that if Karasuma wins, Korosensei will not move for one second, and give Karasuma to opportunity to kill him. Later in the staff room with all the teachers present, Lovro makes a frontal attack. However, retirement had not been kind to him, whereas, Karasuma had only recently been in the elite special forces. Karasuma easily disarms Lovro and menacingly states to Irina to get serious if she wants to win. As he leaves, he remarks that he can strike a target five times with a knife in a single second, making Korosensei concerned. Lovro's hand was injured and therefore unable to attempt more assassinations for the rest of the day.

At lunch, Irina approaches Karasuma sitting under a tree. She tells him that it is simply better to get this over with. Thinking about this, he agrees as the class, Korosensei and Lovro watches. Suddenly Irina wraps Karasuma around the tree with hidden wires and pins him down. She tries to stab him but he intercepts the knife. Knowing that Karasuma would win in a contest of strength, Irina coyly begs him to let her kill him with puppy dog eyes. Although Karasuma is annoyed that no one would ever submit to such a request when about to be killed, he has had enough and allows Irina to win. While watching, Lovro sees how dedicated Irina is not just in her perseverance to kill, but also passing on the knowledge of assassination to the class. The two meet up as Lovro leaves, allowing her to stay on. Afterwards, Karasuma asks why there is a suit of armour in the staff room, Korosensei answering that he is allowed some basic protection if Karasuma did indeed win.

As class ends for the day, Korosensei states his plans to see a new superhero movie premiering in Hawaii. This catches Nagisa and Karma's attention and both request to come along. Ritsu also asks to come as well, having installed a mini-version of herself on everyone's phones including Nagisa's. Korosensei agrees and has the two boys fit inside his clothes. Lifting off and travelling at Mach 20 speed over the Pacific, the boys marvel at how they are able to see their teacher's perspective while Korosensei gives a lecture in flight. They arrive in Hawaii by nightfall and watch the movie, though Korosensei seems to care more about the actress's bobbling chest than the movie itself. They arrive back at the Class E building and part ways. Unbeknownst to them, two figures spy on Korosensei from the shadows, with a cloaked man stating to a boy that he will be killing not just his new teacher but his brother as well.


Episode Notes

  • Lovro debuts in this episode.
  • Itona makes a cameo debut in this episode.

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