Koro-Sensei Q!

Koro sensei q

Kanji 殺せんせーQ!
Genre Comedy, Shounen, School, Supernatural
Created by Kizuku Watanabe (Story), Jou Aoto (Art)
Published by Saikyou Jump
Original Run Oct 2, 2015-present
Volumes 1

The Manga of Koro-Sensei Q! is written and illustrated by Jou Aoto and Kizuku Watanabe and was published in Japan by Shueisha in the magazine Saikyō Jump currently running since October 2, 2015 .

Koro-Sensei Q! (also known as 殺せんせーQ!) is a spin-off manga of the Assassination Classroom series featuring the original cast of the original manga. Unlike the original manga, the spin-off is set in an RPG world where Class 3-E attempt to get stronger but lack the necessary skills to fight. Thus, the ''Demon King'' decides to train them so the class can eventually surpass and kill him with his speed of '99999' (Poking out of the window).



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List of Volumes

# Japanese
Release date ISBN Volumes
1 June 5, 2016 ISBN : 4-08-870596-3
Chapters list :

001. The Demon King and Class E (魔王とクラスE Maō to

kurasu E)

001.5. Side Story (1)

002. The Red Demon (赤い悪魔 Akai akuma)

002.5. Side Story (2)

003. The Octopid Demon King Appears Yet Again (オクトパッドの魔王が再び現れる Okutopaddo no maō ga futatabi arawareru)

003.5. Side Story (3)



Koro Sensei Q volume 1


  • In one of last episodes of Assassination Classroom, Korosensei directly references him coming back to life as an evil demon king.