{STUDENTS} One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight!
Koro Sensei ID Ah, the sounds of exercise echoing across the field on a sunny afternoon. How peaceful. Or so it would be if the students didn't have weapons in their hands.
Karasuma ID Practice swinging your knives from all eight directions. I'll be in charge of physical education from now on.
Koro Sensei ID I'm feeling a bit left out.
Karasuma ID Didn't I tell you to make yourself scarce during this period? Go play in the sandbox or something.
Koro Sensei ID You're so mean, Karasuma-sensei. I'll have you know that my students happen to like my P.E. activities!
Sosuke Sugaya ID Yeah, right. Your physical abilities are too far out there.
Tomohito Sugino ID Don't you remember what happened last time?
Koro Sensei ID Now, let's try jumping from side to side. I'll show you how it's done, so watch and learn!
Hiroto Maehara ID As if!
Koro Sensei ID Once you get the hang of it, you can add in some cat's cradle.
Hiroto Maehara ID Damn, he's good!
Rio Nakamura ID He's in a class of his own.
Tomohito Sugino ID I'd rather have a human P.E. teacher, thanks.
Karasuma ID Okay, let's get back to it.
Hiroto Maehara ID But is there any point to all this training, Karasuma-sensei? And should we be doing it right under our target's nose?
Karasuma ID Assassination follows the same principle as studying: drill the basics and they'll serve you well.
Nagisa Shiota ID {\i1}The same?
Karasuma ID Isogai-kun, Maehara-kun, step forward. Try to strike me with those knives.
Yuma Isogai ID Are you sure?
Hiroto Maehara ID As a team?
Karasuma ID They're harmless to humans, so don't worry. If you can touch me, even lightly, you may all go home for the day.
Yuma Isogai ID Uh... well, er...
Hiroto Maehara ID Okay, then.
Karasuma ID Come on. As you see, with a little training, even I can handle the knives of two amateurs.
Nagisa Shiota ID {\i1}Wow!
Karasuma ID If you can't even hit me, you haven't got a snowball's chance in Hell against our Mach-20 teacher. See? While we were sparring, he built Osaka Castle in the sandbox, changed clothes, and brewed up some tea! That really grinds my gears.
Karasuma ID Once the whole class is capable of hitting me, your chance of success will increase dramatically. During P.E., I'll be teaching you stabbing, shooting, and the other basics of assassination.
Yuma Isogai ID Whoa.
Karasuma ID That's all for today.
{STUDENTS} Thank you!
ID Toka Yada Karasuma-sensei's kinda scary, but he sure is cool!
Hinano Kurahashi ID I know, right? You think he'll pat us on the head if we manage to hit him?
ID Rinka Hayami I wonder.
Koro Sensei ID You're trying to steal my students away from me, aren't you?
Karasuma ID Don't be ridiculous. "If the school so desires, it may assign an additional teacher to the E class." It's right there in your employment contract, I believe. My duty is to provide on-site monitoring of our assassins— all in the name of killing you.
Koro Sensei ID I have a name, you know. The students came up with it. Please call me "Korosensei."
Karasuma ID A quiz in sixth period, eh?
Nagisa Shiota ID Shame we didn't get to go home after all.
ID Karma Hey, Nagisa-kun. It's been a while.
Nagisa Shiota ID Karma-kun... You're back?
ID Karma Oh? So this is the infamous Korosensei? Whoa, he really {\i1}does{\i0} look like an octopus.
Koro Sensei ID You're Akabane Karma-kun, right? I'd heard your suspension was up today. But that's no excuse to be late on your first day back.
ID Karma It's hard to get back into the swing of things. And feel free to call me by my first name. It's nice to meet you, Sensei.
Koro Sensei ID Likewise. Let's make this a fun year.
ID Karma Wow. Looks like you're as fast as they say. And these knives are as effective as they say. I cut one up into tiny little pieces and stuck them to my hand. But I'm surprised you fell for such a simple move. You jumped back so far, too. What are you, a scaredy-cat?
Nagisa Shiota ID {\i1}No one's ever hurt Korosensei before. {\i1}He's the first one!
ID Karma I heard "Korosensei" comes from "korosenai," or "unkillable." But what's this? Could you be a pushover after all?
Kaede Kayani ID Nagisa, what kind of person {\i1}is{\i0} this Karma-kun?
Nagisa Shiota ID Well... We were in the same class during first and second year, but he was suspended due to his persistently violent behavior. Those violent tendencies are also what landed him in E Class. But here, he might just top the class.
Kaede Kayani ID How do you mean?
Nagisa Shiota ID When it comes to deadly weapons and foul play, Karma's got us all beat.
ID Karma {\i1}Don't go anywhere, Korosensei. {\i1}I'll show you what it's like to be killed.
ID Koki Mimura Is he punching the wall or something?
Hiroto Maehara ID Yeah. Karma's smack-talking must've made him mad. His tentacles are too soft to do any damage, though.
ID Yuzuki Fuwa Ugh, that's it! Enough with the squishing! We're trying to take a quiz here!
Koro Sensei ID P-Pardon me!
Terasaka ID Hey, Karma, you sure about this? That monster's {\i1}pissed{\i0}.
ID Takuya Muramatsu And we're sure as hell not gettin' involved. Sure you wouldn't be better off holin' up at home?
ID Karma You'd be pissed too, Terasaka, if you nearly got killed. It's a bit different to just having someone fail miserably and piss himself instead.
Terasaka ID I did not piss myself! You cruisin' for a bruisin', pal?
Koro Sensei ID You there! No noise during a test!
ID Karma Tell that to your tentacles! You're lucky I haven't done you in for cheating! Sorry, Korosensei. I've already finished, so I'll just sit here quietly and eat my gelato.
Koro Sensei ID Not during class, you won't! Th-That's the gelato I brought back from Italy yesterday!
{STUDENTS} {\i1}It's yours?
ID Karma Oh, sorry! It was just chilling in the staff room.
Koro Sensei ID "Sorry" won't cut it! I took pains to fly through the freezing stratosphere to keep it from melting, too!
ID Karma That so? Well, whaddya gonna do about it? Hit me?
Koro Sensei ID I will not! I'll just have what's left! Come now, hand it o— Anti-teacher pellets!
ID Karma Gotcha again! I'll just keep using the same old tricks. I don't even care if it interferes with class. If you don't like it, feel free to kill me or anyone else here. But the instant you do... no one'll see you as a teacher anymore. You'll just be a murderous monster. Your identity as a teacher will be killed. By me. Here's my quiz. Probably got 'em all right. See ya, Sensei. Let's play some more tomorrow.
Nagisa Shiota ID {\i1}Karma-kun is extremely quick-witted. {\i1}Just now, for example, {\i1}he saw there was a line Korosensei couldn't cross without losing his status as teacher {\i1}and used various tactics to bring that teacher to the brink. {\i1}He has the smarts to see the heart of the matter {\i1}and the skill to handle just about anything, {\i1}but he uses them to butt heads with people.
Koro Sensei ID For crying out loud. Now he's forced me to go buy more gelato. He's smart and tough, but as he says, if I want to remain a teacher, I'm not allowed to kill or hurt him. So, how do I deal with him?
Yuma Isogai ID See ya, Nagisa!
Nagisa Shiota ID Yep! See you tomorrow!
? Hey, look! It's Nagisa.
? He must be right at home down in E Class.
? What a lamer. He'll never make it out of there unless he shapes up.
? Plus, now that Akabane's back from suspension, he's in E Class too! That's the pits! I would seriously rather die than wind up there.
ID Karma Really? You'd rather die? How about right now, then?
? Akabane!
ID Karma Like I'd actually do it. Who'd want another suspension after discovering such a wonderful plaything?
Nagisa Shiota ID Karma-kun...
ID Karma So listen, Nagisa-kun, there's something I wanted to ask you. I understand you know a few things about Korosensei.
Nagisa Shiota ID Uh, well, kind of.
ID Karma Does he get mad if you call him an octopus?
Nagisa Shiota ID An octopus? I think it's the opposite. I mean, he draws himself as an octopus, and he picks the octopus character in games. And when he was digging around in the sandbox... Octopus trap. So if he's making jokes like that, I'd say the octopus thing is kind of like his trademark.
ID Karma That so? Hmm. A silly idea just crossed my mind.
Nagisa Shiota ID What are you up to now, Karma-kun?
ID Karma I'm just happy. I was wondering what I'd do if he were just some monster, but turns out he's an actual teacher. So I finally get to kill an actual teacher. I mean, after the last one went and died on me.
Koro Sensei ID I didn't see this coming. I'm all out of gelato money! And no hope of getting more before payday! I'll just have to make my own.
Koro Sensei ID Good morning! What's the matter, cla—
ID Karma Whoops! My bad! I killed that creature thinking it was you. Bring it here. I'll dispose of it.
Koro Sensei ID All right.
ID Karma {\i1}Bring it on, Korosensei. {\i1}I don't need to kill your body yet. {\i1}Instead, I'll start by slowly destroying your soul.
Koro Sensei ID Now, now, Karma-kun. Allow me to show you the power of these drill tentacles and this missile I filched from the Self Defense-Force! I'm not about to let my assassin get away scot-free. I could tell by your pallor that you hadn't eaten breakfast, you see. So I whipped up a batch of takoyaki at Mach speed. With these, you'll be well on your way to being nice and healthy. Open wide!
Koro Sensei ID Karma-kun... My job is to tend things. To take care of them. Things like assassins' rusty blades. So keep trying your hardest to kill me today. Every time you do, I'll take care of you. By the end of the day, your body and mind will be polished to sparkling.
Koro Sensei ID As you can see, this number is left over, no matter what you do. If this indivisibility is getting you down, then have I got the method for you! I'll write it on the blackboard. Everyone try solving it together.
Koro Sensei ID Oh, Karma-kun? I'm afraid you're a touch too slow on the draw. I thought I'd use the extra time I had to give you a little nail art.
Koro Sensei ID Well? How'd you two do, Fuwa-san?
ID Yuzuki Fuwa I dunno. It has this kind of sharp tang to it.
Koro Sensei ID Let me try.
ID Karma Well, why don't you start over? Toss that batch out, and...
Koro Sensei ID You forgot your apron, Karma-kun. Don't worry about the soup. I collected it all in midair with an eyedropper. I added a little sugar while I was at it, too.
ID Yuzuki Fuwa It's much milder now!
Koro Sensei ID Aw, how cute.
Nagisa Shiota ID It's no use.
Koro Sensei ID "It was an ideal spot for the red frog."
Nagisa Shiota ID {\i1}Korosensei has tons of weaknesses.
Koro Sensei ID "Why didn't it try to cross there?"
Nagisa Shiota ID {\i1}He slips up from time to time, {\i1}and his reaction speed drops to human levels when he's flustered. {\i1}But no matter how good Karma-kun is at surprise attacks...
Koro Sensei ID "Even as I was thinking this.... the red frog, having failed again, was making its way back." "I was starting to get bored with it." "Picking up some stones from the road,
Nagisa Shiota ID {\i1}...with Korosensei on especially high alert,
Koro Sensei ID "I began throwing them at the sandbar."
Nagisa Shiota ID {\i1}this assassination was like an impossibly tough video game.
Koro Sensei ID "I was not trying to hit the red frog..."
Nagisa Shiota ID Karma-kun. Don't sweat it. We'll all do it together. Once Korosensei has his eye on you, you can't kill him by yourself, no matter the method. He's not like other teachers.
ID Karma Teachers, eh?
Ono ID Akabane, you're right! Though you are somewhat combative, and you have your share of behavioral issues... as long as you're in the right, I'll be on your side!
ID Karma Yeah, no. {\i1}I{\i0} want to do it. Nothing would tick me off more than him dying in some random way.
Koro Sensei ID Karma-kun? I've certainly taken good care of you today, haven't I? You can still try to kill me, you know. I'll polish you up even shinier.
ID Karma Just to make sure... You {\i1}are{\i0} a teacher, right?
Koro Sensei ID Right.
ID Karma And you would, say, risk your life to protect one of your students?
Koro Sensei ID Of course. I'm a teacher, after all.
ID Karma Okay, good. Then I can kill you. For sure. So, what'll it be? If you come to help, I'll shoot you before you can save me. If you just let me die, your life as a teacher is over. Oh, man! It's all flashing before my eyes!
ID Karma Are you all right, Senpai? 3-E? You mean {\i1}that{\i0} 3-E? How awful it must be to have your fate decided in such a way.
ID Karma Huh? I'm in the right here. What's wrong with saving a bullied student?
Ono ID No, Akabane. No matter how you look at it, you're in the wrong! Have you lost your mind? Where do you get off, injuring the best student in Year 3?
ID Karma Huh? No, wait, Sensei...
Ono ID You sided with the E Class and hurt someone who still had a bright future. If this affects his exams, it'll be on my head!
ID Karma So much for being on my side. Crap. He's dying.
Ono ID Your grades are the only thing that's right about you. They're the reason I've always looked the other way. But once you start hurting my career, that's a different story.
ID Karma In my eyes, this teacher's dying.
Ono ID I put in for your transfer. Congratulations, Akabane. You'll be starting your third year in the E Class.
ID Karma He let me down. Now he's dead to me. Korosensei! I'll kill you with my own two hands! Now, which death do you choose?
Koro Sensei ID Karma-kun? Splendid job on the premeditated assassination starring yourself. If I'd saved you at Mach speed, your body wouldn't have been able to take it, and if I'd moved slowly, I'd have been hit. So I thought I'd try a stickier approach.
ID Karma Damn! What {\i1}can't{\i0} these tentacles do?!
Koro Sensei ID You can't shoot me now! Oh, and for the record: letting you die is not an option for me. Feel free to take a leap of faith any time you like.
Koro Sensei ID {\i1}It's no use. {\i1}He won't die, no matter what I do. {\i1}Not the teacher part of him, anyway.
Nagisa Shiota ID That was a lot crazier than you made it seem, Karma-kun.
ID Karma Eh, no biggie. As far as I could see, that would've been my best chance at killing him.
Koro Sensei ID Oh? Out of ideas already? But I have so many ways left to pamper you in retaliation. You're kind of a pushover yourself, aren't you?!
ID Karma {\i1}I'm still feeling murderous, {\i1}but this time it's different somehow.
ID Karma Oh, I'll kill you. Maybe even tomorrow.
Koro Sensei ID A healthy, refreshing bloodlust. Looks like you don't need any more of my special care.
ID Karma Let's head on back, Nagisa-kun. We can eat on the way.
Koro Sensei ID Hey! That's my purse!
ID Karma And who left it in the staff room unattended?
Koro Sensei ID Give it back!
ID Karma If you say so.
Koro Sensei ID But... This is empty!
ID Karma There wasn't much in there to begin with. Call it a donation.
Koro Sensei ID You hypocritical delinquent!
Nagisa Shiota ID {\i1}Assassins go in for the kill {\i1}and wind up sparkling clean in their target's tentacles. {\i1}That's our assassination classroom. {\i1}I wonder how we'll try to kill him tomorrow?
Koro Sensei ID Do you hear me?!

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