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Kaho Tsuchiya
Romaji Tsuchiya Kaho
Character Information
Gender Female Female
School Kunugigaoka Junior High School
Class Class 3-C
Manga Chapter 23

Kaho Tsuchiya is a student in Class 3-C at Kunugigaoka Junior High School.



Even though she tries to come off as merely playful, in reality Kaho is an unfaithful and a two-timing person who has no problems using others to save herself when needed.


Kaho notices a group of boys from the main school led by Seo and pushes Maehara away from herself. Seo grows wary of Kaho, who tries but fails to explain herself for hanging out with Maehara. Maehara steps in and reveals Kaho's intentions of keeping him around while his new boyfriend Seo was busy, noting that she barely answers his phone calls anymore and that she switched from biking to taking the train to school. Before Seo starts to lash out at Kaho, she turns around and shifts the blame to Maehara for falling into class 3-E, explaining that she wouldn't even need to see him again once they graduate into Kunugigaoka High School while class 3-E drops out. She claims she didn't say they've broken up, but that Maehara should've known anyways, to which Seo claims he's too stupid to know. Angry, Maehara discredits them, but Seo kicks Maehara down and reminds him it doesn't matter anyways because they won't be seeing each other once they graduate. The group of boys start to beat him up while Seo demands he apologize for sharing umbrellas with her. Sugino starts to lunge at them, but Chairman Asano calls for everyone to stop.

The students of Class 3-E retaliated by slipping a laxative into her tea, along with Seo's, giving the two (Kaho and Seo) a difficult time to go to a bathroom, resulting in their humiliation.



  • Kahn Tsuchiya was omitted in the anime.



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