Second Period: Kaede's Time
Episode 24
Episode Information
Kanji カエデの時間
Romaji Kaede no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 80
Chapter 81
Chapter 82
Chapter 83
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Previous Episode Summer Festival Time: First Period
Next Episode Itona Horibe's Time
Air Date
Japanese January 14, 2016
English February 18, 2016
Theme Music
Ending Kaketa Tsuki

Kaede's Time is the twenty-fourth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime and the second episode of Season 2. The episode first aired in Japan on 14 January 2016.


An oversupply of eggs inspires Kaede Kayano to come up with a plan to cook a giant pudding. Will Korosensei's sweet tooth end up becoming his undoing?


In the month of September, Kaede Kayano heads a meeting of Class 3-E devising an unusual plan to kill Korosensei. Using Korosensei's love for sweets and the country's over-production of eggs that would have gone to waste, Kayano's plan to cook a giant pudding gains approval from the class and Karasuma, who muses the crazy ideas high school students come up with. Kayano leads the students in cooking the pudding with help from large production machines, something that surprises Nagisa who figured her to be more of a supporting role. Over the course of the day, she directs the students throughout the process. By the end of the day, the giant pudding is complete. Karma also reveals his surprise at Kayano's main role, where she states that once she decides on something she strives to meet it no matter what.

The next day Korosensei drools at the sight of it and happily dives into it while the class heads inside. Takebayashi reveals to have planted a bomb inside the bottom of the pudding laced with anti-sensei BBs. However Kayano begins having second thoughts due to her own love for the pudding and becomes hysterical that all her work into making the pudding will be destroyed in an instant. Terasaka pins her down to prevent the plan from being discovered. However Korosensei appears behind the students in an instant, revealing that he detected a faint odour and ate around the bomb and underground to remove the detonator. He also served some of the pudding to share to the class. Although Kayano's plan failed, she is relieved that she gets to enjoy the pudding and remarks that anything can be used in an assassination, which Korosensei affirms.

Later in the day Karasuma trains the class in parkour, a free-running skill to improve their speed and mobility. This soon turns into a cops and robbers game with Karasuma hunting down the students and Korosensei to guard the captured students. However the captured students escape when Korosensei is bribed by boobs and crying at their sob stories, earning Karasuma's ire by the end. The next day, Korosensei is greeted by a disgusted classroom. With incidents of a yellow man stalking women with a recognisable laugh, the class accuse Korosensei of being the culprit due to his perverted habits. Korosensei vehemently denies this but his attempts to prove his innocence end up going from bad to worse. Evidence such as bras hidden in his desk and letters revealing the girls' chest sizes on the class roll book implicates him further (Kayano is upset that hers is recorded as being "forever flat").

At the end of the school day, Korosensei leaves depressed. Karma offers that if their teacher were the culprit he would not shoddily leave evidence lying around for his students to find. For Korosensei, losing the trust of his students is worse than being killed by them. Nagisa agrees with this, and Fuwa asks Ritsu to find out whether the culprit will strike that night. The AI finds a place where a group of actresses are staying for the final night, and Nagisa, Karma, Kayano, Fuwa and Terasaka trespass the place that night. Hidden away they find Korosensei also in hiding. Then a figure comes out of hiding and starts grabbing the bras, confirming that there is an imposter. Korosensei ambushes the imposter and taking off the helmet, finding the man to be one of Karasuma's underlings. A surprised Korosensei asks why he is doing this, until a trap is activated causing the hanging sheets to surround Korosensei. The mastermind turns out to be Shiro who reveals to have negotiated withe the government to hire the underling and based his trap from the students' summer assassination plan. Itona Horibe comes out of hiding as he prepares to strike Korosensei from above.

Episode notes and differences

  • In the anime, Class 3-E show the magazine to Koro-sensei. In the manga, it was a newspaper regarding the incident.
  • When Hinata shows the class roll book of Class 3-E in the anime, Kayano was holding the roll book while complaining about her cup size and a page fell into Maehara's hand. In the manga Maehara was reading the whole roll class book include the list of girls with more than F cup size.
  • The Cops and Robber game ended with three students left standing (Nagisa, Karma and Sugino) in the manga (they submerged themselves in the pool taking advantage of Koro-sensei's main weakness to water). In the anime, none of Class 3-E (except Irina) have been captured once the time is up.