Island Time
Volume 7
Volume 07
Volume Information
Kanji 島の時間
Romaji Suiei no jikan
Pages 200
Cover Emotion Angry
Japanese December 27, 2013
English December 8, 2015
053. Time for the Five Subjects
054. Frustration Time
055. Time for the Closing of the First Semester
056. Time for the Living
057. Strategy Time
058. Island Time
059. Go Time
060. Time for an Unusual Event
061. Demon Time
Extra. Korosensei vs. Saiki Kusuo ~Showdown in Iruma~
Volume Guide
Swimming Time
Chance Time

Island Time (島の時間 Shima no jikan) is the seventh volume of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Publisher's Summary

Author's Comment


  • This is the second volume with the most pages after Volume 2.

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