Hiroto Maehara
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Kanji 前原 陽斗
Romaji Maehara Hiroto
Character Information
Birthday December 6th (Sagittarius)
Gender Male Male
Height 175 cm (5'9")
Weight 67 kg (148 lbs)
Blood Type B
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Two older sisters
School Kunugigaoka Junior High School
Class Class 3-E
Seat Number 22
Occupation Student
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Shintarō Asanuma (Anime)
English Voice Chris Burnett (Funimation Broadcast Dub)

Hiroto Maehara is a student in Korosensei's Class 3-E in Kunugigaoka Junior High School.


Hiroto is fairly tall for a middle school student. He has wavy mid-short, light brown hair and light brown eyes (both are orange-brown in the anime). He has been noted to be very good-looking from the girls point of view.


Maehara is a nice guy and in every sense of the word, a playboy. He has a "live the moment" attitude about life in general, as shown when he wasn't too bothered about being dumped by Kaho Tsuchiya. He is one of the few that is popular in the whole school despite being in the E Class. Despite that attitude, he is a caring person and isn't the type to pick on someone weaker than him. He's also an honest type of guy, and often reacts strongly to things.



Prior to being properly introduced, Maehara has been commonly seen together with Isogai, whom he is good friends with. He gets his spotlight in Chapter 23 where he is seen sharing an umbrella with and Kaho Tsuchiya by Nagisa, Okano, Kayano, and Sugino. Sugino compliments him on how popular he is and Korosensei reveals himself from behind a tree. He's writing in his notebook and tells his students that he plans to release a nonfiction book about their love lives in which the first chapter is about Sugino and his crush on Kanzaki who remarks that he'll kill him before the book releases to press. Nagisa then states that Maehara's chapter will be pretty long due to the fact that he's really popular with females and the one he's with constantly changes. Nagisa then notes of how Maehara is a good-looking guy whose active in a variety of sport and if he were in a normal school with better grades then he would probably be even more popular.

While Maehara and Kaho are laughing together, someone calls out to Kaho who is revealed to be Tomoya Seo. Seo notices Maehara and Kaho tells him he has it all wrong and begins making excuses for why she was sharing an umbrella with Maehara. Maehara then calls her out on this as well as her behavior prior like how she hardly answered his calls anymore and switched from commuting by bike to commuting by train, and states that she'd figured she'd keep him around for when Seo is busy. Seo becomes angry at her and she claims it's not like that. She takes a moment before changing from a "guilty excuse mode" to a "full-on attack mode" and begins verbally attacking Maehara by stating that he's bad news and that they would've lost touch due to the fact that students of Class E don't advance to Kunugigaoka High School. She then tells him that she thought he would be in shock over falling into Class E and didn't clearly state that they'd broken up although she wished he would've realized it without her telling him. Seo then insults him saying that there was no way he'd figure it out with that "Class E brain" of his. Maehara tells them that that's like the pot calling the kettle black and Seo kicks him to the ground telling him that he doesn't get the situation. Him and his friends begin beating up Maehara and Seo tells him to apologize to Kaho for using the same umbrella. Just when Sugino is about to attack, Chariman Asano appears and breaks up the fight. He gives Maehara his handkerchief, telling him that he is very close to being removed from the school. He then leaves and Seo and his friends say they'll overlook Maehara "adultery" out of respect for the chairman and Kaho leaves with them saying that she had no idea Maehara was such an awful person and to never look at her again.

As they walk off, Nagisa, Kaede, Hinata, and Sugino rush over to Maehara, asking him if he's alright. He compliments the chairman on how he has perfect control over the students and Sugino turns the conversation back over to Kaho, calling her a bitch in the process. He stops for a moment and refers to Bitch-sensei, stating their class has one too and Nagisa tells him that it's different and that [Kaho] isn't as sophisticated as a bitch. Maehara then states that what he does is find someone new if his feelings have changed and faded. Hinata hands him a towel asking him what sort of philosophy is that for a junior high third year. Maehara notes Kaho's shift in character and how her verbal attacks were a succession of unjustified anger and excuses and that shamelessly tossing around cruel and ugly words is sad and frightening. He then says that maybe all people are like that and he wonders if he would also end up acting like that if he were faced with a weaker opponent. Nagisa thinks about what he said and notes that he's often thought about it. Korosensei then reveals himself again, this time with his head completely swollen. He tells his students that they'll retaliate and that normally the powerless would accept that humiliation, but all of them are strong and they have an assassin's power of killing without being noticed or leaving proof. Maehara then asks him just what is he scheming and he responds by saying that they'll give them an even greater dose of humiliation.


Knifework: Maehara excels in knifework and is second only to Isogai out of all the boys in Class 3-E (and the class as a whole).[1]

Mobility: Maehara is one of the most agile members of Class 3-E, as is considered one of the four most agile members of Class 3-E (along with Kataoka, Okano and Kimura).


Yūma Isogai

Main article: Yūma Isogai

Hiroto and Isogai are best friends and are often seen together; having known each other as far back as their childhood elementary school days. They understand each other better than anyone else and Isogai also knows Maehara's entire dating history.[2] Their closeness was shown when Maehara took initiative and personally reassured Isogai that Class E would fight with him when the latter had decided to simply accept expulsion from Kunugigaoka for his repeated part-time job offense[3]. They have been noted to have excellent teamwork and reflexes.

Hinata Okano

Main article: Hinata Okano

Maehara and Hinata are shown to have a good friendship and were paired together during the Assassination Test of Courage. Okano also has a crush on him[4] and according to volume extras, she once had hit him over the head with her heavy bag, accidentally knocking him out due to being frustrated over his playboy tendencies. It was also revealed that she herself isn't aware of these feelings, but her friends are. It is revealed in Chapter 158 that Maehara does fancy her, stating that he wouldn't know the things he does about her if he didn't.


  • (Talking about Kaho Tsuchiya) "Before long, it became a succession of unjustified anger and excuses. Shamelessly tossing around such cruel and ugly words. It's kinda sad and frightening. Maybe all people are like that. I wonder if I would also end up like that, if I was faced with a weak opponent."[5]
  • "The sight of a giant rhinoceros beetle and a middle school girl jumping on top of porno magazines is pretty amazing."
  • (Talking about Kōtarō Takebayashi) "I can't take you seriously when are being pants by six year olds."


  • He was called "Womanizing Bastard Guy" during Class 3-E's training in using codenames (Karasuma harshly reprimands with using this name) The one who wrote his codename was Okano.
  • His best subject is Mathematics, while his worst one is Social Studies.
  • The extras and character book suggest he's a polygamist, but it's not certain how serious he was about it.
  • According to Chapter 52, he has been caught cheating 5 times.
  • According to his profile, he has flirted with all the females (except one) in Class E, and has been rejected by every single one of them. The only one he hasn't flirted and/or being rejected by with is Kataoka, the reason being "out of respect for a friend".
  • His hobbies/talents are football and flirting.
  • His dream job would be anything, as long as it's popular.
  • He's noted to be good-looking by the girls in the class, but his playboy tendencies and lack of commitment make him undesirable. This is similar to the girls' view of Karma, who is also good-looking but too mischievous.
  • He finds guns to be troublesome to use, and prefers to knife his targets. In the Civil War, he abandons guns and carries two knives instead, which he used to eliminate Itona after the latter parries his first blow.
  • During the Civil War, he was eliminated right before the 1v1 showdown when Karma sensed him from behind and struck Maehara with his knife first.
  • He might not be cherry...
  • His school rankings are:
    • First Term Midterms: 137th, 279 points
    • First Term Finals: 76th, 364 points
    • Second Term Midterms: 101st, 340 points


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