Twenty-Fourth Period: Graduation Time
Episode 46
Episode Information
Kanji 卒業の時間
Romaji Sotsugyō no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 176
Chapter 177
Chapter 178 (first half)
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Final Boss Time
Next Episode Future Time
Air Date
Japanese June 23, 2016
Theme Music
Insert Tabidachi no Uta
Ending Mata Kimi ni Aeru Hi

Graduation Time is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 2 and the forty-sixth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime. It premiered in Japan on June 23, 2016.

Plot summary

After Kayano is revived, Korosensei falls on his back exhausted. At his urging, and despite their reluctance, the class pin Korosensei's tentacles and render him unable to move. Nagisa volunteers to perform the actual killing. After saying his final goodbyes to Irina and Karasuma, Korosensei calls attendance one last time, with all 28 students of Class 3-E responding, some tearfully. At the same time he privately thinks to himself how grateful he is to nurture the students and in turn be nurtured by them throughout the year.

Nagisa begins to shake uncontrollably just as he is about to plunge his knife down on his teacher's heart, but Korosensei calms him down, telling him to smile. After some effort, Nagisa does so. Saying his final goodbyes he kills Korosensei with all the emotions he has felt. Korosensei begins to fade in a bright light, until all that remains of their teacher is his clothes. The class begin to cry uncontrollably as they finally graduate from their assassination classroom. On the morning of their junior high school graduation, the students wake up in their classroom, having slept while reading through the enormous books of advice given to each of them by their late teacher.

Anime and Manga differences

  • On some memories revealed before the final answer from class comes, there are several differences like the picture made by Sugaya was more ecchi in the anime compared to his abstract in the manga and Mimura using G36 in the anime while in the manga he was using dual handguns, Chiba was behind Korosensei when he made look like Chiba while in the manga he was in front of Korosensei having looked like Chiba and during making curry Hinata appears in the anime, catching a curry dish while in the manga she did not appear.
  • In the anime he was noted that he will be immobilized as Weaknesses #33 while in the manga it was on #37.
  • When Korosensei bids farewell to Karasuma and Irina, they are both still standing while in the manga they are sitting down.
  • During the picture when Korosensei takes picture with the class, everyone including Karasuma and Irina are present on photo while in the manga only Karasuma and Irina did not appear moments before the execution.
  • During the memories revelation moments before execution in the anime, it appears every moment the class spend with Korosensei while in the manga it only revealed Nagisa's memories to Korosensei.
  • When the inspection troops come, Irina is not present in the anime while in the manga she was present along with Karasuma that halted the troops advance to the classroom.


  • This episodes does not feature Bye Bye YESTERDAY as an opening.
  • This episode is noted to be the most touching by many of the Assassination Classroom fans.

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