The Five Virtuosos (五英傑 Go Eiketsu, literally "Five Masterminds") is a group of students from Class A who have the highest marks in each of the five core subjects as well as overall. They are prided by Kunugigaoka Junior High School.




  • Despite Karma Akabane being on par with the members in terms of grades (and eventually surpassing them), he is not considered a Virtuoso due to his reputation and him being in Class E.
  • Unlike his friends, Ren hardly participates in the Class E bashing, arguably making him the nicest of the Virtuoso.
    • This is the same for Gakushū, however, he's more focused on defeating Class E as opposed to simply bashing them.
  • Each member is either wealthy or of high status.
  • Three out of the five members are on the student council.
  • In the anime their name is translated as the "Big Five."



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