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The building

Class 3-E (3年E組 San-nen E-gumi) or simply Class E is the lowest class of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. It is nicknamed the "E-as-in-End Class" and consists of students who either failed to keep their grades up (i.e. Yukiko Kanzaki, Nagisa Shiota) or were punished for breaking school regulations (i.e. Yūma Isogai, Karma Akabane).


Class E was made solely for the purpose of fulfilling Chairman Gakuhō Asano's educational value of his variation of the 20:20:60 worker ant ratio in which 95% percent of his students are working, and the remaining 5% are lazy. Class E serves as the 5% and is used as an example for the 95% to continue striving academically (ignoring the fact that Class E comprises 15% of the total student body). Prior to the events of the story, Class 3-E was under the tutelage of Aguri Yukimura[1] who was killed shortly after the destruction of the moon[2].

It was revealed in Chapter 125 that Class E didn't always exist. The class used to be Chairman Asano's cram school that eventually became Kunugigaoka Junior High School after the death of one of his former students. To fit his new education ideals of creating "strong" students instead of "good" ones, he created what is now Class 3-E.

Location and Appearance

Class E is located on a mountain that is 1 kilometer away from the main building. Its exterior is that of an old rundown wooden school building with several places on the roof and a few windows boarded up. The interior contains a simple classroom with a blackboard, 28 desks, and a small faculty lounge. The building has no air conditioning and the ceiling has several leaks in it as well.


Currently, Class E is the location of a government confidential assassination of their homeroom teacher, Korosensei. Because it is secluded away from the main building, the students and teachers are able to carry out their assassination attempts without the people from the main school knowing or noticing.


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