Koro Sensei ID The moon's all they're talking about in America too. Slow news day, I guess. It's a shame.
Tomohito Sugino ID He makes a point of relaxing behind the school every day before homeroom after visiting Hawaii at Mach 20 to pick up a drink and an English newspaper. Just as reported. Thanks, Nagisa.
Nagisa Shiota ID Sure. Good luck, Sugino.
Tomohito Sugino ID You got it. That ten billion yen is mine!
Nagisa Shiota ID We are killers. And our target... is our teacher.
Koro Sensei ID Good morning! Now, show me your best greeting! No mumbling, you hear?
Nagisa Shiota ID G-Good morning, Korosensei.
Koro Sensei ID So you embedded those anti-teacher pellets into a baseball? A fine idea. Much quieter than an airgun, for sure. However... The ball flew so slowly that I got bored waiting for it to arrive, and touching the pellets directly would've been bad for my health. So in the end, I popped over to the equipment shed to grab a glove.
KorosenseiC I do hope you can kill me—before graduation, that is. Now then, time for homeroom.
Tomohito Sugino ID Yes, sir. Dammit. Guess my ball won't do the trick after all.
Nagisa Shiota ID Sugino...
Nagisa Shiota ID At the head of the class stands a creature who vaporized seventy percent of the moon. And according to him, next March he'll do the same to the Earth. For whatever reason, this creature wanted to be our teacher. The Ministry of Defense gave us a mission: kill him by next March. The reward: ten billion yen!
Kaede Kayani ID Hey, Nagisa. Sugino's assassination attempt this morning failed, huh?
Nagisa Shiota ID Uh-huh.
Nagisa Shiota ID He's been down in the dumps ever since. It's nothing to get bummed out about. I mean, none of us have succeeded yet. An unkillable teacher: "korosenai sensei." Hence the nickname "Korosensei."
Koro Sensei ID Sugaya-kun! You were very close! But my features are a bit finer than that.
Hiroto Maehara ID Finer how?!
Koro Sensei ID Now then, class, I have some business to take care of today, so if you'll excuse me...
Yuma Isogai ID Business?
Koro Sensei ID Yes. I have a game to catch in New York.
Taisei ID There he goes.
Terasaka ID What's his deal?
Hinano Kurahashi ID It'd be nice if he brought back some souvenirs for us once in a while, at least.
Megu Kataoka ID But who'd want something to remember their assassination target by?
Hinano Kurahashi ID Well, he could bring us something to eat. That way, it wouldn't stick around.
Megu Kataoka ID That's one way of looking at it, I guess.
Yuma Isogai ID What could he bring back from New York?
Hiroto Maehara ID Booze?
Yuma Isogai ID We're underage!
Hinano Kurahashi ID Yeah, I think snacks would be best.
Taiga Okaijama ID Or a blonde beauty! Hell yeah!
Hiroto Maehara ID Right?
Taiga Okaijama ID Blonde, blonde, blonde, blonde!
Nagisa Shiota ID Oh, Karasuma-san!
Karasuma ID How's it going? Any clues on how to kill him?
Nagisa Shiota ID Clues?
Kirara Hazama ID Well, we are the E Class.
Yuma Isogai ID It's impossible, Karasuma-san.
Hiroto Maehara ID He's way too fast! You can't kill anything that flies at Mach 20.
Karasuma ID Indeed, no army is capable of that feat.
Taiga Okaijama ID Exactly!
Karasuma ID But you are the only ones who have this opportunity. For whatever reason, he insists on being your teacher. Left to his own devices, come next March, he'll blow up the Earth. One look at that carved-up moon and you'll know: when that day comes, there's no saving any of us. He's too dangerous to be left alive. This classroom is the only place he can be killed.
Nagisa Shiota ID We E-Class misfits have been given the chance to be the heroes who save the planet. But I don't get it. Why is Korosensei trying to destroy the Earth? And why would he then come to teach our class?
Kaede Kayani ID So, when I went over to her place the other day...
Koro Sensei ID All polished up, Sugino-kun.
Tomohito Sugino ID Korosensei... Actually, hold that thought. What exactly are you eating?
Koro Sensei ID A coconut I bought in Hawaii yesterday. Want a bite?
Tomohito Sugino ID You're supposed to drink from it!
Koro Sensei ID Nice throw yesterday.
Tomohito Sugino ID Easy for you to say. Not like I can ever hit you at Mach 20 with my throwing speed.
Koro Sensei ID So you're in the baseball club?
Tomohito Sugino ID I used to be.
Koro Sensei ID Used to?
Tomohito Sugino ID The E Class isn't allowed to participate in club activities out at this satellite campus. Our bad grades got us here, so we're supposed to focus on studying.
Koro Sensei ID That's some nasty discrimination.
Tomohito Sugino ID It's all right. You saw yesterday, right? How slow I am? In the end, I couldn't pitch a single strike, and I got benched. Wasn't long before I lost interest in studying, too, and wound up in the ol' End Class.
Koro Sensei ID Sugino-kun? Let me give you a little advice.
Nagisa Shiota ID Gotta turn this in! Korosensei... talking to Sugino? About what? Is... Is he giving Sugino a talking-to about yesterday's attempt? Wow, he's really up in arms! Korosensei! What are you doing?! What happened to your pledge not to hurt your students?
Koro Sensei ID Sugino-kun. That unusual pitching form I saw yesterday... You're copying major-league pitcher Arita, aren't you? But you know, the tentacles tell all. Your shoulder muscles are out of whack compared to Arita's.
Tomohito Sugino ID What's that supposed to mean?
Koro Sensei ID You won't be able to pitch his super fastballs with that body, no matter how much you try to imitate him.
Tomohito Sugino ID Ho—
Nagisa Shiota ID How? How can you be so sure?
Tomohito Sugino ID Nagisa?
Nagisa Shiota ID Because we're misfits? Because we're the End Class? So we shouldn't even bother? Is that it?!
Koro Sensei ID Hmm, well.... How do I know it's impossible, you ask? Why, I checked the man himself yesterday!
Nagisa Shiota ID Well then, never mind!
Koro Sensei ID I even got his autograph!
Nagisa Shiota ID You asked him for an autograph after that?! No wonder he was furious!
Koro Sensei ID I just couldn't believe my tentacles!
Tomohito Sugino ID I get it. I just don't have his talent.
Koro Sensei ID On the other hand, your elbows and wrists are more flexible than Arita's. Train well, and you could far surpass him. When I'm fondling for research purposes, my tentacles are never wrong. There's more than one kind of talent. Find an assassination style that suits yours.
Tomohito Sugino ID My elbows and wrists... are better? My... talent?
Nagisa Shiota ID Korosensei! Did you go to New York just to give Sugino advice?
Koro Sensei ID Of course. I'm his teacher.
Nagisa Shiota ID Most teachers wouldn't go anywhere near that far. But you will? The guy who's going to destroy the Earth?
Koro Sensei ID Nagisa-kun, I became your teacher to keep a promise I made. And while I do intend to destroy the Earth, I'm your teacher first and foremost. Taking you kids seriously is more important than the end of the world.
Nagisa Shiota ID Korosensei... I could do without the weird extra questions on the back, though. I get that you want to show off your grading speed, but...
Koro Sensei ID It's like a bonus! I thought you'd be happy.
Nagisa Shiota ID More like a penalty.
Koro Sensei ID So, er, I hope you students will take your education and my assassination just as seriously. Not that I ever expect you to pull off the latter.
Nagisa Shiota ID Wow, Sugino! That broke so fast it practically disappeared!
Tomohito Sugino ID I'm working on a curveball that puts my elbows and wrists to good use! Even my slow fastball will look speedy when I mix up the two! I'm sure they'd both just put him to sleep, though. But I'll hang in there, Nagisa. I won't give up on baseball or assassination!
Nagisa Shiota ID Our teacher moves incredibly fast, and his tentacles can do all kinds of things. Honestly, I don't think we can kill him. And yet...
Tomohito Sugino ID Korosensei! Can you come here? I wanna try killing you for a bit.
Koro Sensei ID Still haven't learned your lesson, huh?
Nagisa Shiota ID And yet, being taught by Korosensei is strangely motivating, and being in his assassination classroom... is kind of fun.
Megu Kataoka ID There he is!
Yuma Isogai ID He said he'd be snacking on some North Pole snow cones today. That octopus, hittin' the North Pole like it's the corner shop! It's time! We split the ten billion!
Yuma Isogai ID Korosensei! Can we have snow cones too?
Koro Sensei ID They've opened their hearts to me—and with such smiling faces! How ferocious they must be!
Koro Sensei ID But you know... Your smiles were a little forced. That was hardly enough for me to let down my guard. Set aside these dangerous anti-teacher knives, stop and smell the flowers, and learn how to smile less maliciously before you try again.
Megu Kataoka ID Hey, Korosensei! These are the flowers we've been growing!
Koro Sensei ID Is that so?
ID Toka Yada That's low, Korosensei! After we took such good care of them and they'd finally bloomed...
Koro Sensei ID Apologies! I'll get you some new bulbs right now!
Koro Sensei ID Here you go!
Hinata Okano ID Don't go planting them at Mach speeds, okay?
Koro Sensei ID Understood!
Megu Kataoka ID Handle each one gently!
Koro Sensei ID Got it!
Hiroto Maehara ID Hey... isn't he planning to destroy the Earth?
Yuma Isogai ID Y-Yeah... and here he is planting tulips.
Terasaka ID Tch. The monster's tryin' to be all goody-two-shoes.
Kaede Kayani ID What are you writing, Nagisa?
Nagisa Shiota ID I thought I'd jot down Korosensei's weak points. They might clue me in to a good assassination method.
Kaede Kayani ID Huh... And that's supposed to be useful?
Tomohito Sugino ID Don't be like that. This stuff could come in super handy! "Height: About 3 meters standing on his tip-tentacles. Special moves: supersonic speed." The hell is this?
Kaede Kayani ID So... not useful, then.
Nagisa Shiota ID Not right now.
Nagisa Shiota ID We are killers. Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School is the assassination classroom, and the other students are elite members of a prestigious prep school.
Karasuma ID I believe the Ministry of Defense has already informed you, but as of tomorrow, I'll be joining E Class as their P.E. and assistant homeroom teacher. I'll be keeping an eye on him, of course, but I'll also be providing the students with the technical and mental support they need. Never fear: I have my teaching certificate.
Gakuhō Asano ID Go right ahead. Just remember: their education and safety come first.
Karasuma ID If you'll excuse us.
? What an understanding principal.
Karasuma ID The government is compensating him handsomely. But it is remarkably convenient. A creature capable of destroying the Earth that not even the military can kill... and he's willing to teach a class? Thank goodness that the only ones who know about this are the government, that principal, and those Class E students.
? Ouch! If I do any worse, I might end up in E!
? Seriously? Once you wind up there, you can kiss all hope goodbye! They'll stick you in that satellite campus with no meals, filthy toilets, and you'll be treated like dirt by students and teachers alike. You need crazy-good grades to have any chance of making it back. It sure is the End Class! I'd sooner die than wind up there! I know, right? Better buckle down so we don't turn out like those losers.
Kunudon Surprise!
Audience Teach us, Kunudon!
Kunudon Hi, everybody! I'm Kunudon, the mascot of this institution! In this segment, I'll teach you all about Kunugigaoka Academy!
Audience Yay!
Kunudon Kunugigaoka Academy's students place on average 1.6 standard deviations above the mean. It's a school filled with fun, lively friends to cheer you on!
Audience Really? That's super!
Kunudon Everyone gets along really well, and everyone is equal!
Audience Everyone is equal! Yay!
Karasuma ID I see. If a handful of students is discriminated harshly against, the majority will work harder, fueled by pressure and a sense of superiority. Its structure is reasonable enough, and that satellite campus is perfect for our top-secret mission. Those End-Class pariahs must be almost ready to snap, though.
Kaede Kayani ID Ah! Hey there, Karasuma-san!
Karasuma ID Hello. Starting tomorrow, I'll helping you out as a teacher.
Kaede Kayani ID Oh, will you?
Karasuma ID I look forward to it.
Kaede Kayani ID So from now on, you'll be Karasuma-sensei!
Karasuma ID By the way... where is he?
Kaede Kayani ID Well, Korosensei ruined the class's flowerbed, so to make up for it, he's handicapped himself for an assassination competition. A little something extra by way of apology!
Koro Sensei ID You won't get many opportunities to have my movement restricted this much!
Kaede Kayani ID Any luck, Nagisa?
Nagisa Shiota ID He's totally not taking us seriously.
Karasuma ID You call this assassination?
Nagisa Shiota ID Hang on. Going by Korosensei's weak points...
Koro Sensei ID I'm afraid it's no use, Class E! Even with this handicap, I'm much faster than any of you! Killing me is still a distant dream—
Yuma Isogai ID Now! Kill him!
Koro Sensei ID Rats! Yikes! Watch out! You could put an eye out with those things!
Kaede Kayani ID Those notes might come in handy after all.
Nagisa Shiota ID Yeah. I'm gonna keep taking them.
Koro Sensei ID Hey, wait! M-My tentacles are tangled up in the ropes!
Megu Kataoka ID Why, you little...
Yuma Isogai ID Damn! He got away!
Koro Sensei ID You'll never make it all the way up here! You lack the fundamental capability! Take that, you stupidheads!
Kimura Justice ID And we were so close!
Koro Sensei ID I'm doubling tonight's homework.
Hiroto Maehara ID So petty!
Megu Kataoka ID He's gone! But this is the close st we've ever gotten!
Yuma Isogai ID If we keep this up, we'll definitely get our chance to kill him!
Hinata Okano ID Ooh, and then we get ten billion yen! What should I spend it on?
Karasuma ID Junior high students talking happily about assassination? This sure is a strange place.
Kaede Kayani ID Think we can pull it off, Nagisa?
Nagisa Shiota ID Yeah. How could we ever live with him unless we can kill him?
Karasuma ID It's so strange... how the liveliest students at this school... are here in E Class, with their target teaching them.
? Considering the Earth's current crisis, you must speak of them to no one. If this gets out, you will be forced to undergo a memory-wiping operation.
ID Karma I'm shaking in my boots.
? All members of the E-Class have received the same explanation. Consider them part of the mission. Once your suspension is over, you will return to the E Class. As such, you will receive the same assassination assignment.
ID Karma So, uh... Will this rubber knife really work?
? Yes. It's harmless to humans, but we guarantee it will work on him.
ID Karma Not bad. I don't much care if he's not human. I've always wanted to try... killing a teacher.

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