Welcome to the Assassination Classroom Wiki. For starters, there are are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy.

As for this wiki, in addition to those policies, there are several more general rules of the Assassination Classroom Wiki that have been created for the sake of the community. These rules apply to ALL editors and contributors. Don't just disregard them in favor of what you want to do.

To view the Manual of Style which is a guideline on how to keep the articles neat and organized, Click here.

To view the wiki administration, Click here.

General Rules

  • Use English. This is an English language wiki and as such all edits will be as such. This includes articles, forum posts, blogs, article comments, and message walls. The only exception is the original Japanese in regards to the characters, manga, anime, and anything related.
  • No Vandalism. Continued vandalism will result in a block, no questions asked. This includes inappropriate statements, offensive language and/or comments, posting vulgarity on articles and in comments, etc.
  • Mind your manners. No vulgarity and mind your language. Initially, it would be appreciated to avoid swearing all together, however it's understandable that some people would feel the need to swear. Words like "Damn" or "Hell" are fine if needed, however nothing more than that.
  • No. Pointless. Articles. So many people feel the need to make pointless articles. Don't. They'll be deleted faster than they were created. If you happen to see a pointless article, put {{Delete}} (Request for Deletion tag) on the page.
  • Respect a person and their right to silence. In other words, personal information and respecting others in general. If a person doesn't want to give you information about themselves, don't keep asking them for it.
  • No Plagiarism. Do not take things from other wikis and not cite it. In vice versa if you see something of ours being plagiarized then notify an admin immediately.


  • All users have the right to edit pages. This applies to every page (except user pages) unless that page is protected.
    • Edit your own user page. Do NOT edit someone else's user page.
  • Anonymous users are allowed to edit freely, but page creations must be ran through an admin. Many anons feel the need to make pages that for starters aren't ready to be made and make them without any sufficient information or make pages that don't need to be made period and could've easily been a forum or blog topic. This goes back to the "No Pointless Articles."
  • No fanart in articles. On your user page is fine, but absolutely no fanart or pictures of cosplay are allowed in articles.
  • All pictures must be related to Assassination Classroom. Any non-related pictures will be deleted.
  • Check your info and make sure it's note-worthy. Don't just add info to add it and it's not accurate nor actually relevant. Make sure your information is accurate and make sure it's actually worth noting.
  • Grammar. Please write using proper grammar. There are users here whose first language isn't English, and that's fine. However, if you know you're English isn't that good then please notify someone who you know has good grammar.
  • Be sure to flag for deletion if needed. The standard criteria for deletion flagging are:
    • Spam - A random page with absolutely no relevance to the franchise at hand.
    • Duplicate - A similar page or picture. It is possible for a redirect to be permitted.
    • Useless/Unneeded Templates - Please report any templates that are of no use.
    • Pointless Articles - Read the General Rules.

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