This is a list of allusions found throughout Assassination Classroom.

  • The surnames of the students of class 3-E are derived from the surnames of most of the ronin in the story of the Forty-seven Ronin. Gakuhō Asano's surname is derived from Asano Naganori, the daimyo whom the forty-seven ronin avenged.

Chapter 7

  • Korosensei tells the class not to hate assassinations even if they hate him. The quote bears a resemblance to Haruka Shimazaki of Japanese pop group AKB48 telling people not to hate her even if they hate AKB48.
  • When Korosensei drinks Okuda's poison, his head turns into Sonic's with horns.
  • There's a panel where Raoh from Fist of The North Star is shown while looking at a Shooting Star.
  • The peom in back is Shooting Star by Tōson Shimazaki.

Chapter 10

Chapter 12

  • Korosensei wears a headband with the symbol of Konohagakure to indicate to Terasaka that he is "weak in multiple subjects", similar to Naruto.

Chapter 13

Chapter 16

  • Kanzaki visualizes Ryuk from Death Note with a ruined face of Jesus identical to that of the fresco painting Ecce Homo, restored in 2012 by amateur Spanish artist Cecilia Giménez.

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

  • Red Eye imagines numerous red objects inside his sniper's scope, including Elmo, Mario's hat, and a Japan Post mailbox.
  • One of the actors of the samurai show, who is defending a woman, wears a scar and says he wouldn't hurt people. It's a reference to Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin, a samurai with the same scar, who doesn't like hurt the others if he can and refuse to kill.

Chapter 21

  • The sweets shop navigation system installed by Korosensei into Ritsu has donuts pointing to Australia and Canada, possibly implying locations for Donut King and Tim Hortons.
  • Korosensei explains his expenses on re-programming Ritsu similar to the form of a MasterCard "Priceless" commercial.

Chapter 22

Chapter 25

Chapter 27

  • The silhouette of the unkillable monster Lovro envisions has a pose resembling that of Mewtwo from Pokemon, but with extra claws and horns added. The man in front of it wears the same clothes as Ash.

Chapter 29

  • When it is revealed Korosensei and Itona are "brothers", they're subsequently visualized in a series of panels as part of other famous brother duos in their respective roles. The second panel consists of Sazae Fuguta and (sister of) Katsuo Isono from Sazae-san. The third panel consists of Takehiro Donoue (number 63) and Naomichi Donoue (number 1) from the Chunichi Dragons, a Japanese professional baseball team. The last panel consists of Raditz and Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

Chapter 30

Chapter 32

  • Korosensei is seen resting with a Cala drink with the logo's font similar to that of Coca-Cola.

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

  • Sugaya recalls making a drawing of Dutch painter Rembrandt on the back of an assignment.
  • Korosensei tries to feed Irina a stick of Pooky, or Pocky in real life.

Chapter 58

Chapter 63

Chapter 67

Chapter 72

  • Usefulness of the Nekodamashi in a fight is compared to the tarot cards of the moon, the fool and the chariot.

Chapter 74

Chapter 77

  • Takebayashi's curse is represented by a heart puts in chains. It can be a reference to Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter, who has a chain on his heart. This technique is considered as very bad and dangerous.

Chapter 96

Chapter 98

Chapter 104

  • Korosensei is seen cosplayed in Doraemon, a tentacle in his pocket, when the God of Death explains he needs more information on him. Matsui used Doraemon's pocket to illustrate Korosensei's unknown abilities.

Chapter 106

  • The students see the confrontation between Karasuma and the God of Death as a fight in Godzilla movies.

Chapter 117

Chapter 147

  • On the first page, Nagisa is represented as the Death and Karma as the Devil tarot cards.

Chapter 154

  • The new year's eve's special shows on the TV is probably Sazae-san.
  • The picture of Korosensei's clone between a temple is a reference to a TV show called Yuku Toshi Kuru Toshi (which can be translate by "A year departing and a year coming") which shows live scenes at different temples.
  • The "He was ridiculous!" is a phrase of Nakanishi Takahiro which has became an Internet meme.

Chapter 159

  • One of Korosensei's clone wears a wig with short bangs and an headband on which there is "I cut my bangs too short!". It's a reference to Mito Natsume's song "I cut my bangs too short".

Chapter 162

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