Adult Time
Volume 2
Volume 02
Volume Information
Kanji 大人の時間
Romaji Otona no jikan
Pages 200
Cover Emotion Mockery
Japanese December 28, 2012
English February 3, 2015
008. Breast Time
009. Adult Time
010. Pro Time
011. Assembly Time
012. Sovereign Time
013. Spinning Time
014. Test Time
015. Traveling Time
016. Ruined Time
Extra: Korosensei vs. Saiki Kusuo ~Showdown in Iruma~
Volume Guide
Assassination Time
Transfer Student Time

Adult Time (大人の時間 Otona no jikan) is the second volume of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Ever caught yourself screaming, "I could just kill that teacher"? What would it take to justify such antisocial behavior and weeks of detention? Especially if he's the best teacher you've ever had? Giving you an "F" on a quiz? Mispronouncing your name during roll call...again? How about blowing up the moon and threatening to do the same to Mother Earth—unless you take him out first?! Plus a reward of a cool 100 million from the Ministry of Defense! Okay, now that you're committed... How are you going to pull this off? What does your pathetic class of misfits have at their disposal to combat Teach's alien technology, bizarre powers and...tentacles?!

Publisher's Summary

A sexy new teacher comes to Class 3-E to do the students' job for them. When the 3-E students begin exhibiting signs of self-esteem, Principal Asano demands that Korosensei crush their spirits so they continue to set a bad example for the rest of the school to rise above. Then a class field trip goes terribly wrong when two 3-E girls are abducted. Who will come to their rescue…?


Chapter 8: Breast Time

Main article: Breast Time

Chapter 9: Adult Time

Main article: Adult Time (chapter)

Chapter 10: Pro Time

Main article: Pro Time

Chapter 11: Assembly Time

Main article: Assembly Time

Chapter 12: Sovereign Time

Main article: Sovereign Time

Chapter 13: Spinning Time

Main article: Spinning Time

Chapter 14: Test Time

Main article: Test Time

Chapter 15: Traveling Time

Main article: Traveling Time

Chapter 16: Ruined Time

Main article: Ruined Time

Extra: Korosensei vs. Saiki Kusuo ~Showdown in Iruma~

Main article: Korosensei vs. Saiki Kusuo ~Showdown in Iruma~

Author's Comment


  • This volume has the most pages in it out of all the volumes by far.

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